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Committed for over 50 years to offering high quality interior design services to individuals and designers, Sag'80 also includes Arclinea among its brands, one of the most prestigious Italian brands when it comes to flexible kitchens, capable of combining tradition and innovation.

Indeed, Arclinea Kitchens carry an almost century-old history, which began in 1925 with the foundation by Silvio Fortuna Senior in the municipality of Caldogno, which has allowed the brand to make itself known within and beyond national borders thanks to products developed starting from the attempt to intercept, understand and realize the needs of a client that has become increasingly refined and demanding over the years.

Functionality and aesthetics always, or almost always, go hand in hand in the Arclinea philosophy: prestigious designers such as Antonio Citterio have contributed with their creativity and experience to shape always original solutions, made even more attractive for clients thanks to a modularity that allows shaping, element by element, the ideal kitchen.

As anticipated, however, in addition to the aesthetics, Arclinea also makes the most of the functional side of its kitchens: hence, for example, the decision to make steel the main protagonist of a collection like Arclinea Italia, with an essential design that however it does not give up the warmth conferred by the PVD treatment, which allows you to opt for special colors capable of "warming up" the steel.


Dealers in Milan Arclinea Kitchens

The Arclinea Italia collections can be found in the brand's official dealers, among which naturally stands out Sag'80 and the flagship showroom in the Milan area of via Boccaccio 11. Here it will be possible to find the best of the Arclinea offer and discover the countless compositional solutions to give shape to your kitchen.


Over 40 years of experience at the service of our clients

Why choose Sag'80 to discover the best of the Arclinea Cucine offer? For about 50 years, the Milanese showroom has been collaborating with the best design brands, today even more than 100, to offer interior design services that allow its clients to find custom-made furnishing solutions.

To do this, Sag'80 provides clients with a team of expert and competent consultants, including planners and interior designers who, based on the needs expressed by the clients, guide the latter towards the ideal option for transforming the own idea of decor in reality.

In concrete terms, therefore, it means that the Sag80 team will guide you in discovering the best Arclinea Kitchens options, from Italia to Principia or Convivium: thanks to comprehensive explanations on the technical, functional and aesthetic aspects, you will understand which products are best suited to fulfill your needs and which combinations of elements, materials and finishes will best enhance your available spaces.

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