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Paola Lenti Outdoor, clean and simple shapes that mirror the elegant lines of nature


Paola Lenti is a young company that was established in 1994 in Meda, Lombardy. The founding vision of the company was to design products with meticulously selected materials and simple shapes. The Paola Lenti Outdoor and Indoor collections have become exemplars of this balanced relationship, as has the Paola Lenti carpet series.


Employing bold colours for the design of outdoor living spaces creates new landscapes, in which clean and simple shapes blend with the elegant lines of nature.


Skilfully chosen materials form long-lasting products, resistant to even the most hostile climates. The comfort of the sofas distinguishes the brand’s designs in the international sphere of indoor and outdoor furnishing.


Memorable is the Edel collection designed by Francesco Rota, that comprises a series of large and small tables with innovative shapes and colours.


Come and discover the Paola Lenti Milano products on the Sag80 Group website.


Paola Lenti carpets, the heart of your living room

The Paola Lenti carpet collection is internationally acclaimed for the ample selection of fabrics, the crocheted handmade production and the hi-tech yarns.


Paola Lenti carpets can have different manufacturing processes, different materials and different sizes, and they can even be custom-made. An example of the variety of techniques used by Paola Lenti is carpet series called Natural, which is composed of ropes, plaits and tubular knitting. The materials are weaved using different techniques, creating chromatic effects and geometric designs that generate unique and aesthetically gorgeous products. Paola Lenti designs are a true modern reinterpretation of the traditional carpet. Furthermore, the high quality of the materials guarantees resistance to daily usage and sunlight. The Natural series includes some more traditional-looking carpets such as the Parallelo carpet. This modular product is made by conjoining block-coloured or multi-coloured wool ropes, that offer a lively and captivating chromatic effect. The series also features more complex designs, such as the Spin carpet, a product that almost resembles a mosaic. Spin plays with the juxtaposition of filled and empty spaces that give shape to its characteristic geometric design. The careful hand processing of the wool makes Spin an exemplar work of artistic embroidery. The wool rope is wrapped around itself and sewn to create modules that are repeated throughout the length of the carpet. Another carpet with a similar production to Spin is the Shang carpet. The block-coloured wool comes in two different designs: one with alternating geometric sequences, the other in a simple round shape.


A different type of product is the Paola Lenti Felt carpet series, treated in such a way as to resist moths and humidity. This kind of carpet can be personalised according to its size, shape, colour and decoration: it is a truly unique product capable of transforming the look of your home.


Paola Lenti Sofas and other Furniture: creating clean and simple designs through research and experimentation 

Paola Lenti Milano’s philosophy is founded on research and experimentation. It is only thanks to this constant and consistent hard-work that the company has become a point of reference in the international design landscape.


The entire Paola Lenti sofa catalogue is sprinkled with designs characterised by fresh and original shapes that recall natural environments. The Agio sofa is a perfect example of the company’s genius. It is a modular sofa of large dimensions whose back supports, through an internal mechanism, can be assembled both horizontally or vertically. The structure is made in solid steel, but the internal spring straps offer maximum comfort and elasticity. The upholstery is made of removable fabric. Moreover, thanks to the concealed positioning of the sofa feet, Agio appears suspended in the air, conveying the softness of a cloud and the comfort of a bed.

Come and discover the entire Paola Lenti sofa collection!

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Contact us for a quote

We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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