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Sag80 has been offering interior design services to private clients and professionals for more than 50 years. You can find the whole B&B Italia collection at Sag80: discover it with the consulting of our interior designers!

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B&B furniture: elegance and sophistication for each room


Research, creativity and functionality are the main factors that, since 1966, have helped bring B&B Italia Milano to the highest ranks of the home furnishing industry. Indeed, in the B&B Italia sofas collection we see a prime example of timeless design.


Providing its clients with both an indoor and outdoor series, the quality of B&B furniture brings elegance and sophistication to every location. The high quality materials and innovative means of production are the key elements to its unique products.


From Gaetano Pesce to Patricia Urquiola, the designers that have collaborated to produce B&B Italia armchairs have contributed decisively to the history of design. This is exemplified in the the avantgarde Serie Up 2000 collection and the Husk armchair, that have become icons of the creative drive of design.


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B&B Italia sofas: excellence and luxury in your living room

The B&B Italia sofas have always been synonyms of luxury and excellence: timeless features are ingeniously revisited to give the sofa a new image inside our homes. They’re not simply a place to relax, but they are intended for the well-being of our bodies and minds.


The B&B Italia sofas are constructed as modular products and thus are customizable according to one’s needs and desires. They can be completed with footstools, cushions, headrests or chaise longues.


An example is the Tufty Time ‘15, designed ten years ago by Patricia Urquiola. Unique to this sofa are the square shaped paddings echoed by the upholstery, that give the sofa a modern look. Another modular sofa that includes a chaise longue is the Ray Natural sofa, designed for outdoor spaces by Antonio Citterio after the success of its indoor variant. The structure is made by weaving extruded aluminium. The basket style weaving, recalling that of natural abaca, creates a light and manageable structure aiding movement and facilitating the upkeep of the sofa.

The Metropolitan ‘14 sofa and its entire series, designed by Jeffrey Bernett, have a decisively more unusual look. This sofa is characterised by the uninterrupted line that connects the seat and the armrests. The four-spoked base, utilised in other armchairs of the series, gives the sofa a smooth appearance, consequently refreshing the look of the room it features in. Precisely for its unusual look, the Metropolitan ‘14 sofa works in a modern space as well as a traditional space.


B&B Italia Armchairs: a history of comfort and timeless style

The B&B Italia armchairs have distinguished themselves through time for the meticulousness with which B&B Italia Milano unites its vast knowledge of the design industry and the newest trends and technologies.


This is illustrated in the Up 2000 series of B&B Italia armchairs by Gaetano Pesce. The series was designed in 1969 but still holds its avantgarde essence today: the Up 2000 armchair can undoubtedly be considered a true piece of modern art. The inside of the sofa is made of cold-worked flexible polyurethane and is covered by 100% jute fabric.


Part of the same series is the UP5_6 armchair, an internationally renowned design. This armchair, that has captured the attention of a huge audience, is constructed as an anthropomorphic body resembling a prehistoric Venus-like figure. It recalls the shape of a mother’s womb, from which its nicknames “Big mama” and “Blow up” originate.


Another classic icon is the Husk armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola. The armchair is distinguished by traditional details that have been modernised through its characteristic cushion features. The cushions, that can be made in fabric or leather, give the chair both a sense of softness and a strong modern appeal.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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