Design Furniture Since 1954

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Quality of materials and technology

Since 1954 Zanotta has been creating unique pieces, designed in accordance with the changes in society, as well to create an amazing production, always attentive to contemporary needs.To social changes they are crossed the founding principles of the company: quality of materials and technology. This combination leads to sucess of all the collections.

An authentic symbol of evolution in the Italian culture of living. The avant-garde attitude of this eminent design company is shown by iconic artworks such as the Stool for Telephone: Sella, by the Castiglioni Brothers and the Table Reale by Carlo Mollino, all examples of experimentation and uncommon style.

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contemporary design designed by Damian Williamson for Zanotta
modern style design designed by Damian Williamson for Zanotta
contemporary design designed Frank Rettanbacher for Zanotta
design furniture design designed by Piero Bottoni for Zanotta

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