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Zanotta Milano: high-quality materials and technological research


Zanotta Milano has been creating unique furniture pieces since 1954. The Zanotta designs evolve as the company itself changes, in order to create a production that is always attentive to contemporary needs and demands. The founding principles of the company, high-quality materials and technological research, are constantly integrated with social changes. This successful combination has served as the foundation for every Zanotta Milano collection.


Many Zanotta pieces of furniture have become design style icons. Indeed, the brand has always managed to deliver a mix of  innovation, comfort and experimentation. From the Zanotta sofa collection to the Zanotta chair collection, the company has become a symbol of the evolution of Italian home living culture. Many Zanotta products have become part of the history of design, such as the Sella chair by the Castiglioni brothers, the Reale table by Carlo Mollino, the beds by Damian Williamson and the armchairs by Marco Zanuso. Each and every one of these pieces demonstrates the avant garde nature of Zanotta design.


The Zanotta Sofa, design with a passion for high-quality

The history of the Zanotta brand started after WWII. Zanotta’s founder, Aurelio Zanotta, wanted to create a design company that would focus on high-quality production, rather than industrial profit. This trait soon became a key feature of Zanotta Furniture: the aim was to offer clients the best and most comfortable designs. Labouring for a high-quality production also meant offering pre and post-sale assistance and guaranteeing the durability of each product. This is why the manufacturing of Zanotta sofas was concentrated on the study of innovative materials that would ensure sturdiness and sustainability. This corporate philosophy was able to generate iconic pieces of Italian design.


An example of this is the Zanotta sofa Onda, designed by De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi in 1985. Onda is a large sofa, that will capture your attention no matter where it is positioned. Its distinctive shape, which provided the name for the design, is given by the back support. This element, made in stainless steel, is shaped like three waves, each corresponding to a seating place. The polyurethane padding offers softness and comfort. Like many great designs, the Onda sofa can also be personalised if one desires only one or two seating places.


The Beta sofa, on the other hand, has a more modern look. Designed by Mauro Lipparini in 2004, this majestic sofa is a single unit sofa that incorporates a bed and pouffe. The low back support is completed by big cushions to ensure maximum comfort.


The Zanotta table, design incorporating tradition and renovation

The production of Zanotta tables also demonstrates the principles of high-quality and originality of the company, and how they surpass those of sales and profit. These factors have enabled the creation of truly unique pieces, masterpieces designed by some of the greatest names of all time. An example is the Zanotta table Sanmarco 2570, designed by Gae Aulenti in 1984. The table, made in crystal and steel, is characterised by incredibly simple and clean lines that radiate timeless elegance. The structure and the working surface can also be painted in black or white. The crystal blends homogeneously with its surrounding environment, as the colours of the room pass through the surface almost making the table disappear. Beta is an ideal solution for both colourful and monochrome rooms, since the elegance and simplicity of the product suit every environment.


Like the Sanmarco 2570, the Zanotta table Marcuso 2530 is also made with crystal and steel. The design of Marcuso 2530, however, is even more minimalist than Gae Aulenti’s: it only includes a sheet of crystal and four steel legs. Marcuso 2530 was designed in 1969 by Marco Zanuso and, because of its incredibly modern look, it is still one of Zanotta’s best selling pieces.


Zanotta Milano also offers an incredibly varied catalogue of refined and sophisticated coffee tables.


Zanotta chairs: the best

Zanotta chairs stand out for their elegance and simplicity. Clean and delicate lines are the main features of the Zanotta chair catalogue, that is sprinkled with iconic designs such as the Talia chair by Roberto Barbieri and the April chair by Gae Aulenti.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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