History and Evolution of the Kitchen Space
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Arclinea Kitchens, unique and original solutions for your home


Central to the Arclinea Kitchen vision are not only history and culture but also research and innovation. Arclinea Kitchens were born by the fusion of different ideas. These seemingly distant concepts were gracefully brought together by a brand that, while maintaining its foundations of classic craftsmanship, was also able to explore innovative creativity through collaborating with some of the greatest names in the global landscape of home furnishing.


Founded in 1925 by Silvio Fortuna Senior in Caldogno, a municipality of Vicenza, Arclinea Milano specialises in the production of modular kitchens and distinguishes itself for the extraordinary quality of its products, thought to meet the requests of refined and exacting clients. The brand is consistently striving to interpret its clients’ desires and anticipate their needs.


“Designing a kitchen means dealing with matters that are susceptible to simple and definite actions, but that are of extraordinary importance since they are intensified by their continuous repetition”. As stressed by the prize-winning architect Antonio Citterio, who historically collaborated with Arclinea Milano and was twice awarded the Compasso D’Oro, it is the everyday feature of this space that makes it a unique part of domestic life.


For this reason, the Arclinea Kitchen series stands out for the magnitude of its kaleidoscopic collection and the euphonic architecture where every element marries functionality and aesthetics, capable of offering unique and original solutions for everyone.


The Arclinea Italia series: your own restaurant at home

Arclinea Italia is the ideal solution for those seeking the professionalism of a gourmet restaurant in the comfort of their own home. Steel is the design’s main feature, a material adaptable to the polychromy of each of the kitchen’s exclusive variants.


The kitchen arranges its working units around a five-burner stove and a cast-iron grill sided by two sinks. The first sink is intended for the rinsing of produce, the second for washing dishes. The Arclinea Kitchens designers are hereby offering their clients a hygienic and comfortable combination, thought to avoid any contamination between food and cleaning products without limiting productivity.


In the lineare variant, the spacious surfaces of Arclinea Italia are framed by sheets of Carrara marble that cover the washing area and the kitchen counters. The marble extends to the splashback area where the essential stainless steel inserts are installed.


The artisanal skills exemplified in the finishings of the metal tube for hanging utensils and of the Mensola Cappa (the extractor hood) - equipped with led lighting and electrical sockets for appliances -together with the built-in handle design, an exclusive Arclinea patent, have helped Arclinea Italia enter the field of revolutionary design and become a unicum in the landscape of kitchen furniture.


Arclinea Italia also matches beautifully the warm nuances of chestnut wood, an ideal material to accompany the Vina Epicure, a wine bar developed specifically for the wine lovers.


The kitchen is also available in the variants Isola and Doppia Isola, respectively with one or two kitchen islands, and, additionally, it can be realised with PDV treatment (Physical Vapour Deposition), an innovative processing system that fuses steel with titanium. This creates an even stronger and more resistant alloy and offers a wider range of colours, most notably champagne, black and bronze.


Arclinea Principia, a new approach to furnishing

The success of the Artusi collection, a powerful reimagining of Arclinea Italia that seeks even more flexibility in domestic furnishing arrangements, reconfirmed Arclinea Milano’s position as the muse favoured by Antonio Citterio. Indeed, the company from Vicenza and the architect worked together to bring to life one of his most revolutionary projects.


Drawing from the basic kitchen concept - a space intended as the heart of the domestic life and space of home entertainment - Arclinea Principia revolutionises the rules of culinary furnishing by endorsing the mixing of shapes, materials and colours and pushing them towards unexplored territories.


The Principia kitchen pairs its wide Opus wooden work counter in Fossil Oak NTF with luminous and spacious pantries. It allows communication between all its different materials, that seem to originate from different worlds, but are, in truth, perfectly compatible.


The desire to combine is reflected in every corner and detail of Arclinea Principia, starting from it gorgeous framed cabinet doors and vertical milling.


Here, playing with the colours’ iridescence, the coarse wood incorporates with surprising ease the handmade handles. This, through its brazen attention to detail, creates an overall a harmonious and balanced product.


Convivium and outdoor living, discover the Arclinea world

An entire Arclinea Kitchen prospectus would be difficult to assemble, if one considers more than 90 years of history and the abundance of collaborations. It would be impossible, however, not to mention the Convivium range and the Artusi Outdoor range.


The latter, equipped with an extensive number of adjustable modules, is once again characterised by Arclinea’s ambition to create accessible spaces. It also presents itself as the ideal counterpart to Convivium, conceived as a kitchen that exalts it as the meeting place of social life, culture, loved ones and style.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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