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Within the world of modular bookcases, increasingly popular and in trend, the Grid project developed for Molteni by Vincent Van Duysen takes the concept of flexibility to extremes, offering innumerable solutions to enhance the home environment thanks to a design which, while evolving according to configurations and needs, it always remains contemporary.

As often happens in the projects he curates, Van Duysen once again develops a piece of furniture with a great architectural awareness, a direct consequence of this Belgian designer's work experiences. Indeed, Grid by Molteni represents, in some ways, the evolution of the typical wall-mounted bookcase, which aims to make even more intelligent use of the spaces in the home and to integrate the latest technological innovations.

The starting point from which Grid was born is a simple panel fixed to the wall, which in fact is an open system that allows you to create a modular grid whose components, to be chosen from a vast range of options designed by Molteni, will depend first of all on the user needs.


Translated into Italian with the term "grid", the name of the Grid modular bookcase by Molteni already helps to understand the concept on which Vincent Van Duysen worked to obtain an incomparable mix of flexibility, modernity and technology.

The ultimate goal of the designer was in fact to create an open and fully customizable system that would allow you to combine a few simple elements together to obtain an infinite number of different solutions.

Simplicity is the essential basis for achieving more complex results, which is why the panel made with folding and fixed to the wall of Grid represents a sort of "blank canvas" on which to create compositions that are as creative as they are functional, given the possibility of choosing between various elements that lend themselves to a multitude of uses, based on what you want to place on the shelves of the library: photos, books, precious objects or simple memories, each of these objects will find in Grid the context in which to exalt themselves.



As a modular bookcase, the nature of Grid by Molteni is changeable and the same goes for its characteristics, some of which can change according to needs.

However, regardless of the chosen configurations, what does not change is the panel fixed to the wall which represents the basis of the entire system and which can be equipped with LED lights both in the upper and in the central part, highlighting the most beautiful and important through enlightenment. This is not the only latest generation component of a bookcase that is essentially modern and in trend of technology also with other solutions available on request, such as the integration of connection systems for various devices or a tray equipped with wireless charging port for your smartphone.

Also thanks to these technological features, Grid offers a perception that goes beyond the space actually occupied, binding itself to the surrounding environment.

Classic shelves, showcases, cases or displays can be attached to the base fixed to the wall, which in the upper part of the bookcase enhance the compositional freedom, encouraging you to find the best and most useful configuration. Among the options, Molteni has also added a new open or closed wall unit, equipped in the latter case with glass side panels with an aluminum profile, which can be covered in fabric or leather.

To embellish the shelves or make the arrangement of objects even more original, there are also dividers in regenerated leather, suspended or floor-standing containers to be integrated into the lower part of Grid, or trays with Ecoskin bottoms.

As per tradition for every Molteni piece of furniture, even for this modular bookcase by Van Duysen functionality and technological research go hand in hand with design and aesthetics, which can also be customized by playing with the combinations of the different available finishes: after Eucalyptus and Graphite Oak, the woods expand and also include walnut; copper, pewter and dove gray are instead the finishes in which to drop the matt and glossy colors of the bookcase.

The same idea lies in many different solutions, to respond to every taste and need. To choose the most suitable option for your home, you can visit our showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan and see all the quality of Grid by Molteni in person.


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Molteni LIbreria Grid Showroom Milano
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