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For decades, SAG'80 has relied only on the best of Made in Italy to offer home furnishing solutions that are perfectly personalized to the needs of its clients, who have changed tastes over time and become more flexible.

Among the trends that have gone viral, this Milanese studio could not ignore the one that has seen users increasingly interested in Luxury Interior Design, or in the design of living spaces, but not only, that put comfort, elegance and exclusivity.

For this reason, over the years SAG'80 has selected a wide range of partners capable of satisfying the growing demand for luxury furnishings, both from traditional and commercial or institutional clients, who are guaranteed the same customized services and turnkey results.


What are the trends of luxury interior projects?

In some ways, Luxury Interior Design has gone through the same evolution that has affected the home furnishings sector more widely. Technological innovations and cutting-edge techniques have in fact allowed the emergence of increasingly advanced solutions capable of also reflecting changes in the needs of the clients themselves, in search of increasingly flexible and personalized luxury.

However, the principles followed by the SAG'80 partners in the applications of luxury Interior projects have remained firm. For example, those who want to furnish an apartment in a luxurious way today very often focus on exclusive and very high quality materials, from natural stones to the finest fabrics, as well as paying attention to exclusive details capable of modifying the atmosphere of an environment on their own. The lighting systems are also important, capable of generating original and functional plays of light to the tone of a given room.

However, over time, Luxury Interior Design has also had to pay increasing attention to comfort and functionality: for this reason, luxury comes to customization, to ensure that in addition to striking the eye, all the elements that make up a home can improve the daily experience of those who live there.


The best ideas to design your spaces

Visiting our Milan showroom in via Boccaccio 4 is an experience to discover the countless brands in the Luxury world with which the studio collaborates, so as to get to know all the possible furnishing solutions and select the most suitable ones for the spaces at your disposal.

There are many brands and they make up an extremely varied offer: from the Arflex proposals to the solutions offered by Vitra, Minotti or Paola Lenti, SAG'80 will allow you to design your home in every element, transforming exactly step by step the idea you had in mind.

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