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Compared to that for private homes, interior design for commercial, public or corporate environments must respect different and in some ways more complex perspectives: in fact, it is a matter of renovating spaces on a large scale, paying attention to regulations and, at the same time, respecting conscientiously meet the client's needs, which must always be the main guide of the intervention.

SAG'80 has been developing the Contract division for years to respond to these needs and to be able to extend its typical tailoring service also to realities such as offices or residences, or even in the hotel sector.

The goal is to give life to a project that fully reflects the needs of clients and that manages to revalue the spaces undergoing renovation, all thanks to the skills of a team of professionals and collaborations with the most prestigious design studios and builders.


The design that characterizes Contract interiors

What does interior design mean for a Contract project?

Considering the size of the spaces on which to manage, the first fundamental step is always full coordination with the client, who is called to express both his needs and his preferences in aesthetic terms, in addition of course to the available budget.

Once the needs of the clients have been understood, the designers and the entire SAG'80 team will propose tailor-made solutions focusing only on the quality of Made in Italy: it is in this phase that, in addition to the layout of the spaces, the furnishings, the combinations of colors and materials to be used to give shape to the idea presented by the client.

The prestigious collaborations established over the years by SAG'80 with architects, designers or planning studios, as well as the design brands to which the Milanese studio refers, are the best guarantee of excellence for the realization of a project capable of combining the aesthetics to design quality.


Contract furniture trends in Milan

The solutions proposed by the Contract division of SAG'80 depend not only on the needs communicated by the client, but also on the characteristics of the spaces that will be restructured.

In fact, the projects curated by the Milanese studio range from hotels to offices, up to the yachting sector, while respecting some essential trends for Interior Contract Design: among these, there are certainly the use of sustainable materials, from eco-leathers to certified wood FSC, and the integration of technological solutions capable of making spaces smarter and more user-friendly.

Modern trends also seem to increasingly favor a clean and essential design, both to give a touch of elegance to environments and to enhance the quality of the raw materials used.

Among the fundamental points, both for private homes and for the Contract sector, there is then flexibility: clients increasingly want spaces calibrated to the needs of those who will go to live there, an approach that becomes more complex when it comes to environments large in size and used by multiple users. For this reason, the offer of design furniture brands has been enriched over time with modular and highly customizable solutions, to allow for the shaping of versatile and functional spaces.

SAG'80 also remains the point of reference for Contract Interior Design, being able to better interpret the needs of its clients, subsequently helping them to orient themselves among the countless proposals of the boundless universe of Made in Italy. For this reason, visiting the showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan and relying on the advice of its professionals is always the winning choice.


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