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Since 1980, Sag'80 has made custom-made design furniture its main mission, profoundly rethinking the way in which home and work environments are designed and arranged, which now put the customer's needs in the first place.

In order to be able to develop this philosophy efficiently, Sag'80 relies today on a competent team made up of planners, interior designers and architects, who work in synergy to interpret the customer's requests and transform into reality what they imagine, seeking most suitable solutions proposed by the best Italian and international design brands.

Significant for the purposes of Sag'80's mission is the presence on the field through various showrooms in which customers can contact the studio's consultants in person, being guided step by step in the design processes of the interiors.



Since 1980 Sag'80 has been cultivating the ambition to guide its customers in the design of custom-made environments, which exactly reflect the tastes and above all the needs of those who are going to live there.

The birth of Sag'80 should be seen in a context of great expansion in the furniture sector, which since the 1980s has concerned the Milanese and Lombardy area in particular, with an ever-increasing number of brands entering the market, contributing to enhancing the concept of Made in Italy.

Sag'80 therefore understood the know-how, in the face of an increasingly varied and quality offer, the customer needed to orient himself among the many available solutions to him, not always possessing the tools to understand which furniture and which techniques were best suited to meet the needs.

Hence the Sag'80 philosophy of accompanying its customers step by step in the creation of customized environments thanks to a multitasking team that could act as a link between the customer's ideas and the most prestigious design brands capable of transforming them correspondingly.



Relying on Sag'80 for the design of your interiors means enjoying direct and detailed assistance both on individual products and on technical choices, with the guarantee of being able to carry out your project with the best value for money.

Precisely for this reason it relies on a team that brings together some of the best architects, as well as various other professionals, to take care of every phase of the project with strict attention, starting from the preparation of the working plan up to the choice of furnishings and even  after-sales assistance.

In this way, with Sag'80 it will be impossible to make a mistake when purchasing for the home or office, having the certainty of having furnished your environment in the most functional and coherent way possible, respecting individual needs and personal aesthetic tastes.


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