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Interior furniture with design bookcase

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Design bookcase for home furniture


The home is the place where you spend most of your time sharing it with your loved ones. It is a shelter and, in many cases, it turns into a real workplace with all the routines and habits. It is certainly a temple of good taste and level of refinement that it is a reflection of the people who live there.

Beautiful houses are those full of books, where to tell the stories and passions of those who have decided to live in that place. In this way, the need immediately suggests finding a beautiful and elegant design bookcase in which to place them. A design bookcase that is not only functional but with its own character and personality that furnishes the interior of a house giving a touch of style and originality.

In each house there is a bookcase: how to choose it based on the available space 

The need to purchase a design bookcase must deal, first of all, with another type of need, as the spatial context. It is therefore necessary to identify the areas of the house that fill and arrange the bookcases at their best. Not to mention there are often particular and irregular shapes and are difficult to insert inside small attics that have limited space and complex divisions. On the contrary, there are design bookcases that also become partitions, creating other environments, small niches in which to escape or to keep hidden treasures . This is the case of open spaces where the use of a well-positioned bookcase with elegant shapes can really revolutionize a space. It is probably the most exciting feature of space: that of being reconstructed, broken down and filled with new meanings.

The walls become protagonists in the wall bookcases

Looking inside a living area, walls already come to the rescue when it comes to bookcases. In fact, a functional and refined way to furnish that combines maximum freedom of spaces, enhancing them, and does not forget the aesthetic impact is that of wall-mounted bookcases, which seem to naturally glide on the wall and can be dynamic. The materials in which they are made, for example wood and steel, make them extremely versatile and their shapes, the result of contemporary design projects, are captivating and seductive. The wall becomes the protagonist, and is combined by these coils in steel and wood, almost suspended, run in the direction of a harmonious effect with the rest of the environment. The wall-mounted bookcases are real three-dimensional paintings that give and come to life inside the rooms thanks to the artists who design their lines, directing their destiny.

Create new environments with dividing bookcases

Dividing the different areas of a house without building invasive walls that absorb light and space, lighten up the environment is possible thanks to the dividing bookcases. Here too we are in the situation of need: we need to divide the spaces to create more intimate areas within the large open space. By choosing the dividing bookcase you can obtain a workstation, a corner where you can relax in complete tranquility or simply separate the living area from the sleeping area, all while keeping the spaces always open and bright.

The choice falls more on elegant double-sided bookcases that ensure visual continuity and functionality. Not only that: the compartments of the bookcase, much thinner than a wall, also make themselves very well to accommodate small design objects and refined collections of small dimensions.

Corner, column and modular bookcases to optimize the available space

This type of design bookcase is ideal for winning the challenge against narrow spaces with functionality and practicality without sacrificing a touch of refined aesthetics. Corner bookcases are ideal for taking advantage of the corners of the walls or filling small niches in the wall. By developing in length or width depending on the size of the space they are ideal to furnish. Those that develop in height become real column bookcases with light and airy geometries immediately enter into interaction with the environment. They can be freestanding, from the ground, fixed on the wall or suspended; what is certain is that they also adapt to the most difficult sizes. The modular bookcases are on top of all in the range of this category of bookcases: they embody the essence of design bookcases. In wood or steel, with a contemporary green and sustainable soul and those produced in Italy do justice to the fame of our Made in Italy. A certainty that allows you to play with modular models, always imagining new and elegant solutions.

Wood and metal, a touch of the past and modernity for timeless practical bookcases

The age of the wood is marked in the annual ring that can be glimpsed when the trunk is shown. It is a time that no beginning and without an end, it is immortal. And also for this reason that in furnishing accessories, wood is an omnipresent material, reassuring and full of character. Combined with metal, it creates an explosive mixture of suggestions, ideas, creations. Versatile and eco-sustainable wood and metal travel together towards the future. A metal and wood design bookcase in oak effect instills that flavor of industrial chic, emphasized by cleverly positioned light points, even in a small room. It makes it lived in the history of the materials used. In the versatility of metal there is the advantage of being able to exploit it by modularity. The design bookcases in wood and metal are suitable to the spaces that are granted to them, overturning the perspective assembled according to new aesthetic standards. A timeless practicality.

Essential lines, wood and versatility of the Jack by B&B Italia

The research by Sag'80's within the world of contemporary design never experiences uncertainties or setbacks. All the professionals are doubly expert and trained both on the pieces that have made the history of design and on all the innovations that are most trendy every day. All this to accompany the clients in the best choice for houses, offices, studios, corners of paradise away from the chaos of the city.


«This bookcase system started as a stacking exercise of an assembly of rods of the same diameter. The selected design is a reduced configuration, providing the optimum structure and modularity to address a diverse range of interior spaces. The technical solutions are discreet, allowing for arrangements that feel specifically fitted to a particular room. Its discipline lies in the structural rules used to build from one form to the next, assembling to make a cohesive composition.»

Michael Anastassiades


If you really want to understand what a design bookcase is, you can't help but admire the Jack, designed in 2018 by Michael Anastassiades and the result of the first collaboration between this Cyprus designer and B&B Italia. Jack is a modular bookcase system with perfect technology. It is a journey towards the search for innovative languages where, in this challenge, a classic design concept is recovered, modernized and updated: the large bookcase that dominated the center of the room in the 1950s finds a new location thanks to an essential structure guided by architectural lines.

From a technical and manufacturing point of view, all the engineering support elements are hidden inside the aluminum upright structures and joined together thanks to an exclusive, invisible telescopic adjustment system.

There are fourteen heights, shelves in two lengths and numerous depths of this bookcase. As for the colors, the uprights and shelves are available in two matt single-color finishes: chalk white and black. We move to the wood for the containers in canaletto walnut and in four oak variants (light, gray, black and fumigated).

It is a design bookcase that, as its designer suggests, adapts to a wide range of environments thanks to the discipline with which it was designed that makes it so free.

Between books and hi-tech, this is how the Flat.C bookcase by B&B Italia reorganizes the spaces

“How do you transform a house? What reference points do you use to reorganise space in homes of the future? How will the objects that populate our homes change? Which new electronic devices will enter the domestic realm to extend the perception of our living spaces?

These are the questions that guided the Flat.C project design.

Inspired by the minimum dimension, Flat.C constitutes the latest chapter in my search for dimensional upgrading within wall-system products.

Flat.C is flat - like the screens in our collective imagination, which are linked to the new ways of viewing video and images.

The goal was to obtain a flexible system where it was possible to foresee an almost infinite number of different configurations based on a modular grid that organises the composition elements and restricts proportions.

The range of storage units determines the intelligent use of space.

Flat.C is a reconfigurable open system that can be reassembled. It expresses a free way to occupy space and can follow the evolutions of multimedia systems.

Media in a home will change. The piece of furniture that holds them won't.”

Antonio Citterio

Already in 2008 Antonio Citterio asked himself this question and created the Flat.C for B&B, a design bookcase projected into the future that started from a simple, homegrown and familiar intuition: television. An object whose presence has always been able to instill silence, reorganize spaces, suggest functional solutions.

The goal of Flat.C is to host and contain, with a minimum of space, books and the myriad of electronic devices in homes: flat screen televisions, CD and DVD players, Hi-fi systems and much more. It means having large volumes in a small, flat space (the depth is only 25 centimeters!), In a modular structure that fits perfectly with the environment, almost disappearing thanks to the total absence of visible joints and with the thicknesses of extremely reduced tops and sides.

The possibilities to play and assemble Flat.C and the containing structures are infinite, as the images produced in the era of technical reproducibility with the great difference, however, that organizing spaces is essentially a human practice.


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