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There are many trends that have influenced the world of furniture in recent years: among these stands out a growing attention towards the union between modern design and craftsmanship, to combine two worlds that until some time ago were believed to be opposites.

The search for a contemporary aesthetic, therefore often characterized by clean and apparently simple shapes, seemed necessary to distance itself from a more artisanal nature of production, characterized by the use of precious materials, techniques refined over time and manufacturing details that indicate the care taken in creating each piece.

Among the brands selected today by SAG'80, however, there are more and more those that focus on a fusion between craftsmanship and a more minimalist design thanks to advanced production techniques that allow us to obtain unique products, tailored to the customer's needs but with that attention that recalls the work of the artisans of the past.

Arclinea, Flos, Gallotti&Radice and the brands of the entire Molteni Group are just some of the brands that constantly strive to achieve a balance between quality, functionality and beauty within their collections, relying on the most renowned designs on the international scene and trying to achieve an ever wider audience.


How traditional craftsmanship blends with modern design in luxury interiors

Within the SAG'80 universe there are now countless examples that demonstrate the possibility of merging an artisanal character with a modern aesthetic without any compromise, and the creations of the Milanese company, always in collaboration with the best brands on the market, prove it time and time again.

An example of this is the project completed in Dallas, in a luxury residence within which marble and other precious stones, typical of a more classic atmosphere, alternate with pieces with a decidedly contemporary design, such as the table designed by Saarinen for Knoll or the Eames chairs by Vitra. In this case, luxury is further enhanced by those details that contribute to creating a unique style.

Even the dream house built in Hong Kong, with lighting systems supplied by DelightFULL and Serip, and furnishings produced among others by B&B Italia, Molteni and Cassina, stands out for the incredible balance given between the union of the typically Italian, with its absolute attention to detail, and more characteristic elements of the Asian world, creating an original mix of styles and cultures.

The best solution to discover the wide range of proposals that combine modern design and craftsmanship is to go to via Boccaccio 4, Milan, where you can admire in person the collections of Italian and international brands selected to understand the options best suited to your domestic environment.

The SAG'80 team of consultants will in fact always be available to guide the customer towards the ideal choice that best corresponds to their specific needs, without neglecting any detail and following the project in every phase.

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