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Iconic objects capable of withstanding the test of time: the latter is precisely the added value of the furnishings produced by the Swiss company Vitra, renowned throughout the world for its unique pieces, characterized by a sophisticated design and designed to make environments more welcoming and full of beauty.

This result is possible only thanks to the precise attention to the creative processes and the creation of armchairs, chairs, bookcases, sofas and much more, which require time. In fact, the designers who collaborate with Vitra are left free to shape furnishings that contain their artistic signature and personal point of view, an approach that is the secret to creating original objects that manage to satisfy the taste and needs of every type of client.

In fact, Vitra furniture do not stand out only for their aesthetics, but for a personality that is the direct result of the talent of the designers involved and of a style that always seeks to represent a synthesis between the old and the new, reflecting at the past but also looking towards the future.



The story of Vitra began in 1950, when the Fehlbaum family set up the company's first factory in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Not even three years later, the first turning point arrives, which already makes us understand how human relationships will represent a fundamental turning point in the history of Vitra: during a trip to the United States, the founder Willi Fehlbaum comes across the seats created by the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames, whom he later met in person, establishing a rewarding working relationship with them.

Thus begins a period of great momentum for the company, which presents some of its most iconic objects on the market, destined to remain current over the decades.

The beginning of this path sees Vitra grow and gradually develop the philosophy that would then accompany it also in the new millennium, characterized by a detailed production process that is taken care of in every phase and which is enhanced by the creative freedom that the company leaves to its collaborators, encouraged to communicate their own vision within the product that will be born.



The Vitra furniture are varied and different from each other and have become famous all over the world, thanks to a style capable of lasting over the years and inspiring the creation of similar, but never the same objects.

It is almost impossible not to start the list of Vitra's most famous products with the Lounge Chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames and inextricably linked to the first steps taken by the company in its long journey towards modernity.

Over the years, however, Vitra's fame has also grown thanks to revolutionary concepts, such as that of the Action Office conceived by Robert Propst which profoundly modifies the conception of the work environment, making it open and more flexible in a perspective that increasingly looks carefully to the well-being of the workers.

Vitra also owes its international reputation to the chair market, thanks to some successful models that have become iconic: among these, the first office chair launched by the company, Vitramat stands out, but above all the Panton Chair developed since 1967 for serial production and awarded with various awards, thanks to a design characterized by soft and sinuous shapes.

For a complete dive into the Vitra universe, all you have to do is visit our showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan where it is possible to learn about the countless collections that have made the company a worldwide point of reference.


Vitra Action Office
Vitra Milano Showroom
Panton Chair
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Vitra Panton
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Vitra Panton Chair
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