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Despite having started from a single base, that is the passion for wood in all its forms, the universe of Porada today has become almost boundless, thanks to a path that has led the Lombard brand to establish itself among the excellences for the artisan production of tables, sofas and almost every kind of furniture.

Porada's First bookcase embodies all the main features that the company tries to bring back to each collection. The careful selection of natural materials, refined workmanship and attention to detail made possible by the handmade component behind each single collection, together with a design that is the result of collaborations with a small group of creatives, are in fact the main aspects of the Porada furniture, characterized by unique quality and style.

In over 70 years of career, which began with the production of chairs, Porada has always remained faithful to its philosophy, simply trying to update it and keep it up-to-date of the times, combining its artisan quality with constant research in terms of shapes, techniques and materials.



The attention to the quality of the materials used in the creation of the products has always been a fixed point for Porada, which in addition to carefully selecting the wood stands out for its craftsmanship techniques that lead to the birth of furniture not only with a modern design, but also extremely long-lasting, thanks to their timeless style.

All these aspects are also found in the First bookcase, an object capable of changing in a better look of the home environment, regardless of the room in which it is placed.

What makes the difference, as with any other Porada piece of furniture, are the details that highlight the handmade component behind the company's products, as  the minds and hands that, step by step, work and shape the materials with love up to the final result.



While browsing the category of furnishing accessories, the First bookcase by Porada undoubtedly becomes the protagonist of the domestic space, making it more original and welcoming thanks to its unique design and the warmth transmitted by the natural canaletta walnut or oak wood.

Equipped with 12 open compartments all characterized by different shapes and sizes, First creates an intriguing play of volumes and depths that amuses the eye of the observer and stimulates creativity in positioning objects in the most various ways.

The base of the First Porada bookcase, in direct contact with the floor, is rather thin and decked out in metal. An elegant and modern character coexists in the furniture, a mix suitable for any type of environment.

For those who enjoy particularly large spaces, a possible solution is to buy two bookcases to be combined to obtain an even more suggestive effect. By visiting our showroom you will be able to touch Porada's quality firsthand and the possibility of optimally evaluating which home environment would be most enhanced by its presence.


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