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Entrance furniture, express your style


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Entrance furniture, style and functionality for a modern home


Staying more time at home has given the opportunity to review and optimize the meters available by rediscovering peculiarities once normal in the structures of the houses, first of all the entrance, a diaphragm between the outside and the inside that must respond and satisfy today's requests. as diverse as rapid work, relaxation, rest and social life, and a really high amount of requests. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to think about and organize it carefully by arranging the floor plan, choosing furniture and identifying accessories that mix with aesthetic balance and functionality. The entrance is a sort of home-sized business card and tells a lot about who we are and what the whole house is like. In fact, it is essential that the style reflects what will later be found in the adjacent rooms, even if you can indulge yourself with the details. Precisely for this reason it is recommended to choose a few precious pieces to decorate it.

Showcases in which wood and mirrored effect hide and reveal together, inlaid benches, designer coat hangers, rugs that look like paintings and sideboards become the protagonists of the modern entrance. Contemporary sideboards renew the classic declinations by playing on proportions, details and finishes. Alongside the MDF panels and the transparencies of glass, one of the most used materials in the production of this particular type of container furniture is wood, in its purest form. White or colorful, what the English call sideboards are cubic, rounded, monolithic or composite architectures with a transversal soul that become the ideal allies against disorder. Because they guard, without showing. More and more oriented towards modularity, the design sideboards therefore populate entrances and service rooms, with a sculptural effect and a pinch of originality. On the walls, a mirror, a powerful amplifier of light and energy, according to Feng shui, can never be missing.


Palatino Slim, a retro showcase for a full color entrance 

Exotic inspirations from Latin American culture and forms that refer to the aesthetics of the 17th century. An unusual but strong-impact combination for Palatino Slim, the showcase of Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese company founded in 2005 that combines design and craftsmanship. The power of color is an interesting phenomenon that inspired the creation of the COOLORS collection, of which the Palatino Slim makes a part. A sort of chromotherapy design in which shades play an important role in our physical environment. They are used for their aesthetics and their ability to influence the human psyche through the stimulation of their visual sense. The display case is available in three standard bright colors - blackberry, champagne and ginger bronze - and is customizable. A precious velvet strip, visible on all four sides, finishes the sophisticated glass that alternates with mahogany. Openable only with a key, it is a safe, resistant piece of furniture with a strong identity given by the harmonious shapes and bold color.


Hawaii by Cattelan Italia, a sinuous mirror that enhances the light and gives depth

The furnishing potential of a good mirror is manifold. A mirror with a trendy design suitable for furniture can enlarge the spaces, give a feeling of brightness and spaciousness but above all it can be used to better diffuse the light in all environments. For this reason, placing it in an entrance can be a good start to show the style and character of the house. Cattelan with the Hawaii mirror designed in 2016 by Studio Kronos has created a best seller. Sinuous lines, available in different modular formats, are decidedly versatile. It can be found both in mirrored, smoked mirrored or bronze mirrored glass with beveled edges. A wide choice of materials that adapts well to any environment by receiving the light and amplifying it. One reason why the Hawaii mirror, whether placed individually or in a composite solution, is loved by our customers precisely because of its ability to evenly radiate light throughout the room in which it is placed.


Rubycon by Arflex, the minimalism of the cube for a modern and functional sideboard

Minimal shapes and three-dimensional effects are the protagonists in the Rubycon sideboard designed by the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune for Arflex. The name derives from the close relationship between each cube and its neighbor. These simplified cubes, drawn without visible handles or knobs, can look like a three-dimensional painting as a whole.

The concept behind this modern sideboard allows the creation of unique and free-standing containers, through customization, also giving the possibility of having decorative and lacquered pieces in shades or in contrast, depending on where they are placed. Rubycon's concept uses the repetition of a single cubic container to create a horizontal column, with five different lengths. The cube columns rest lightly on a thin structure with delicate joining elements. Each cube container can be used according to different needs.

The base is in white, black, gunmetal or gold lacquered metal, only for the two-module sideboard.


Furrugs by Moooi Carpets, carpet with a traditional design that exploits the 3D effect

Technology and tradition can coexist and furnish an environment with style and refinement. Word of Valerio Sommella, the Italian designer who created the Furrugs line for the Dutch company Moooi Carpets, leader in the production of carpets. It is an experimental collection in which traditional design, in some cases dating back to the 16th century, is combined with a very contemporary and complex technological process of image generation. Placing one of these rugs in an entrance creates the illusion of walking on a soft and hairy surface, taking advantage of the 3D effect. A suggestion that accompanies guests from entering the house, welcoming them inside in an atmosphere of other times.


Hang it All by Vitra, a must have coat hanger for a modern entrance

Not only useful for keeping the entrance to the house in order but also perfect for enriching the glance of a private environment with art and design: the coat hangers are domestic statues with multiple functions that in the entrance, private and public spheres, they can even divide spaces by transforming unofficial rooms into offices. One of the most famous wall hangers is Hang It All by Charles&Ray Eames for Vitra. The square geometric shape of its arms intersects harmoniously, alternating with small colored spheres, capable of giving volume and support to our jackets for everyday use. Space-saving par excellence, it adapts to the wall with a carefree attitude - boasting the ability to enrich modern and young environments with functionality and aesthetics. The workmanship alternates between painted steel wires and wood  lacquered in various colors.


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