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The image of the canopy bed immediately recalls a fantastic, almost dreamlike dimension, as well as being associated with a more classic and old-fashioned style.

With Alcova by Maxalto, all of this is transported into the contemporary world, without however neglecting its essence: the reinterpretation of the company, part of the B&B Italia group, has the objective of making this fascinating piece of furniture more modern and current through a more refreshing design. simple and essential, which however does not take away from the role of the main protagonist in the environment in which it is placed.

Known in particular for its production of sofas that have made the Venetian brand famous all over the world, Maxalto stands out more generally for a philosophy based on excellence, as the name itself, coming from the Venetian dialect, suggests with its meaning i.e. "the highest".

This approach is also fully visible in the attention to detail of the Alcova canopy bed, from the headboard to the construction of the internal frame, up to the different finishes available, all at the service of a single goal: to create iconic objects that can stimulate the imagination of the clients by guiding the choice.



Alcova by Maxalto is nothing more than the modern reinterpretation of a piece of furniture that has always been associated with the concepts of charm, elegance and romanticism: the canopy bed.

Maxalto has successfully tried to detach the essence of the canopy bed from the classic style to which it is traditionally associated, maintaining the key elements of this piece of furniture but re-proposing them in a minimal way: the result is a clean and essential design in which all the components are clearly visible and have more rigorous geometries.

If all this can partially remove that "mystical" aura that surrounds an object such as a canopy bed, Maxalto has decisively focused on the materials used and their indisputable quality.

The gaze then flows in an orderly manner from the four vertical elements to the headboard, up to the wooden platform that supports the upholstered structure, all components that give Alcova a strong personality, capable of changing the tone of the environment.



As per Maxalto's philosophy, the details do not represent extensions, but the very essence of a piece of furniture, coming to define it and make it unique from the others. Finishes, materials or manufacturing techniques are in fact the result of carefully thought-out choices and an artisanal approach that gives due importance to timing.

Alcova di Maxalto was also created following these logics, visible in every single element. To the structure that "envelops" the bed, almost encircling it inside a cube formed by four vertical supports, flaps of fabric can be hooked to recreate the typical intimacy of a canopy bed, or, if necessary, to shelter from the presence of insects.

Alcova also boasts a solid wood structure, with a unique size and available in various finishes, including brushed light and black oak, gray and brown oak. On the other hand, bed base and mattress are available in different sizes. To add a further touch of style there is the headboard which, according to needs and tastes, can be in fabric or leather.

Finally, for those who cannot give up maximum comfort and aesthetics, Alcova can be combined with a collection of solid wood bedside tables, among which a bedside rug stands out which can also hold a comfortable open compartment, for storing objects. Keep in mind that you always have it on hand.

Discover all the Maxalto news by visiting our showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan.


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