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In the philosophy of SAG'80, the design of the premises of an environment cannot ignore the sartorial approach that has characterized the Milanese studio for decades.
This philosophy finds its perfect expression in the Contract division of SAG'80, the one to rely on to renovate homes and commercial spaces based on the needs of those who will then occupy these spaces.
Thanks to a team of competent professionals and the collaborations that the studio carries out with prestigious builders and designers, SAG'80 is able to intervene on homes and offices and offer the customer a turnkey result that aims to increase the value of these spaces.


How to design the premises, what to consider

Whether it is an office or a home, it is very important to define some fundamental aspects well before being able to design the rooms of an environment efficiently and decisively.
Among the characteristics to be evaluated in the preliminary phase are, for example, the functionality and purpose of the individual rooms, the desired style on which the design will depend, the lighting solutions linked to the type of use and the activities that will be carried out in that space, the more suitable materials and acoustic comfort.
All these features will inevitably guide the aesthetic and functional choices during the design process of a home or an office, to finally create an environment that best meets your needs.


Method of the Contract line of SAG'80

The needs of the clients represent the guiding star to which the Contract division of SAG'80 looks with the maximum attention after taking charge of a project.
The Milanese studio makes its tailor-made service one of its greatest strengths, being able to identify the perfect solutions for every type of need. In addition to the attention to the specificities of the clients, the development of customized projects is also made possible by the performance of the most advanced technologies and the best of Made in Italy quality, through collaboration with local companies supported for years of tradition.
Visiting our showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan, you will be able to touch the quality of the service of the Contract division and understand how personal needs can transform into customized and original furnishing solutions.

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