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Porada, wood between past and design

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Porada, the passion for wood between the past and innovation


Natural, sinuous, elegant, wood is a precious and timeless material, capable of giving warmth to environments. Timeless symbol of craftsmanship of the highest level, in recent years it has become the protagonist in interior design combined with modern and more 'cold' materials such as metal, glass, marble. The hypnotic veins of the wood thus meet the marble ones, with metal reflections and transparencies.

Our country, a temple of artisan excellence, is a master in transforming logs into works of art. Stories of genius and high-end carpentry that span generations, just as happened in Porada, the company founded in 1968 by Luigi Allievi in Cabiate, near Como, with the intention of continuing the production of chairs that he had undertaken in 1948. .

The excellence and experience of quality in woodworking have quickly given it a solid and well-defined identity that today finds expression in elegant products that help define the domestic landscape. The key that has allowed the company to successfully establish itself in international markets is undoubtedly the great ability to find in each object the right balance between form and function, together with an advanced and modern taste but at the same time sober and essential for pieces destined to last over time.

In their furnishings you can perceive the mastery of the gestures that create objects with an evolved taste but with essential lines. Collections created and designed for those who love the art and philosophy of wood, which capture the new trends and needs of living and define spaces in a refined way, with measure and sobriety, creating a timeless living style that goes beyond the passing fashions.

A job that in half a century has managed to transform the founder's dream into reality, also thanks to the collaboration with designers such as Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, Staffan Tollgard, Patrick Jouin, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Stefano Bigi, Gino Carollo, Tarcisio Colzani, Studio Opera, Dainelli Studio and Studio Buratti.


Infinity, the sculpture table signed by the designer Stefano Bigi

A technically advanced project that of Infinity, the coffee table designed by designer Stefano Bigi in 2009 which, to the simplicity of materials such as steel, crystal and wood, gives the nobility of the forms of a work of art. Wood, preferably solid, great attention to form details, but in the name of essentiality. The coffee table appears as a sculpture in which the warmth of the expertly shaped canaletto walnut acts as a link between two elements which thus lose that sense of coldness to which they are usually combined. The base is in chromed metal, the top in tempered glass (10 mm thick for the table). In the middle, a sinuous sequence of soft lines that recall the images of a tender embrace that reaches into infinity.


Ella, the iconic seat inspired by Japanese design

Elegant, soft in shape, and with a retro attitude, Ella, created by designer Patrick Jouin for Porada, is a chair with armrests and structure and seat in solid canaletta walnut with differentiated density of rubber padding, internal plywood support and upholstery in precious textures. The designer was inspired by the solidity of Japanese and American wooden furniture, to create this seat that stands out for the simplicity of its lines, the sinuous shape of the armrests and the comfort of the seat. Thanks to this attention to detail, it is a perfect chair to furnish the most elegant environments.


Sam, the multitasking valet stand that furnishes like a work of art

Transformer, multitasking and with essential shapes, Sam, the valet stand in solid canaletta walnut created by the designer Carlo Ballabio for Porada, is a practical ally in the bedroom for tidy storage of clothing and objects. Equipped with hanger, trouser hanger, pocket emptier with adjustable mirror and seat upholstered in the fabrics of the collection. With the exception of the seat, the various elements are compatible with each other.


Allison, the iconic two-seater sofa

The Allison two-seater sofa by Porada, a designer piece signed by Andrea Borgogni in 2016, is strongly retro inspiration. The exposed structure, finely modeled, is in solid canaletta walnut wood, mocha or stained wenge, and is the result of skilled craftsmanship. The extensive padding is completed with two soft down-filled back cushions. The upholstery is available in the range of fabrics in the collection. A sofa that finds its place in both classic and contemporary ambiences.


Maskara coiffeuse, the vanity corner designed by Emmanuel Gallina

It is every woman's dream to have a vanity corner at home, a dressing table behind which to sit and look in the mirror, make up and comb her hair. When this becomes a design icon like the Maskara coiffeuse designed by Emmanuel Gallina, it is impossible not to desire it. This furniture has a solid ash structure in moka stained, canaletta walnut stained, wenge stained and marble top, available in Calacatta white gold or Emperador Dark brown, with central storage drawer. The adjustable mirror has a brass structure, the wooden drawer is available with the finishes coordinated with the toilet structure.


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