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Elegance has been the distinctive touch of Vitra since its foundation in 1950. This has led to a long history of success that has gone from a family dimension to today's international profession thanks to the great world-renowned designers who have designed the products, which have become real design icons over time. All the furniture are born from the idea of providing suitable solutions for any type of environment; solutions that are able to furnish it with a refined, elegant and unmistakable style. Exactly for this reason, the name of some Vitra products alone recall unforgettable elements with a surprising character such as, for example, the famous Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames or the Alcove sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The philosophy behind Vitra's concepts is that of collage, the idea that a space acquires life not in a unitary plan but in the mix of elements, of modern and traditional, classic and contemporary. It is a vision of the future with solid foundations where creativity blends with the engineering excellence of the company: this is how innovative, resistant, well-designed, functional and aesthetically unreachable solutions arrive. Vitra's is a choral narration that finds its consecration over time in its iconic elements. And among these there are certainly the chairs by Charles and Ray Eames who have really revolutionized the history of design thanks to their freedom, their desire to experiment and dwell on the small details that give substance and create the product.

Experimentation but also timeless classicism. Like Antonio Citterio's La Grand Relax, the best of reclining armchairs: welcoming, surprising but also sober in style.


The chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, the perfect model

Charles and Ray Eames have changed the history of contemporary design with their chair proposals, one of the most difficult objects to design, thanks to continuous experimentation with materials and the search for the perfect detail. They were able to obtain extraordinary performances both from an aesthetic and functional point of view from materials such as wood, aluminum sheet, polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and much more. And among their designs there are three that have established themselves as true icons of international design since their release: the Plastic Chair, the Chaise and the Lounge Chair.

The Plastic Chair can already be described as follows: offering the best and the maximum to most of the people. This was the ideal with which the Eameses developed the Plastic Chair, the perfect model of the design chair, in its monobloc shell, precisely to adapt to the features of the human body, offering maximum comfort, despite its small size. It is a work that is the result of experiments and studies on alternative materials and which, in the 1950s, led to the choice of polyester resin in fiberglass. With the Plastic Chair, a new canon has been definitively introduced in the furniture encyclopedia: that of the multifunctional chair, whose shell can be combined with a variety of different bases for different purposes and to allow various seating positions. But not only. There are combinations that also have something to say from an aesthetic point of view, such as the model that has the base of the Eiffel Tower, in an intricate and light design made of steel wire where light and elegant shapes with structural resistance chase each other.

The design and visionary momentum of the Eameses is carried forward by Vitra which, until today, produces these inimitable chairs with polypropylene shells and the base in different materials. There is a wide choice in terms of both the color of the body and the upholstery options. You can play with shades and combinations of shades to decide using the chairs in many areas: from the dining room, to the living room, to work spaces and conference rooms in offices, to bars and restaurants, waiting rooms.

Countless places for an inimitable story: that of a courageous design facing up to the future while giving shape to the present.


La Grand Relax, the classic, sober, luxurious armchair

Grand Relax is an armchair designed by Antonio Citterio, for Vitra, in 2019. A reclining chaise longue where the compact dimensions do not detract from comfort but rather add a touch of minimal aesthetics that makes this product a real gem of contemporary design.

Grand Relax is designed to sit and sink into a sweet feeling of relaxation and welcoming thanks to the mechanism, integrated and hidden, which absorbs the weight and moves the chair into a reclined position. The back of the chair can also be locked at the desired angle with a control knob that allows you to adjust the resistance of this mechanism. But not only. Gran Relax can rotate up to 360° by always pivoting on the elegant four-spoke base in die-casting aluminum available with a glossy finish or painted in basic dark or brown colors; it is also equipped with plastic or felt slides to avoid damaging the different types of floors. For even more comfort to experience, the armchair can also be adding a footrest. The seat cushion is padded with polyurethane foam lozenges and spheres of fibers while that of the back of the neck is filled with polyurethane foam cubes and a mix of goose feathers and feathers to ensure maximum softness when leaning on it.

The absolute protagonist of the upholstery is leather. The cushion, the backrest and the shell are all upholstered in strong leather, available in different colors.

From the warm tones of the shades of cognac, to the delicacy of gray to the decision of black, even choosing a color is a declaration of style and personality for an armchair that promises, already told from the name, a revolution in the concept of relaxation: luxurious but sober, impressive but refined in the smallest details, aesthetic but also essentially technical.


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