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Starting in 1925, Turri began its journey in search of beauty, a concept that has turned into a real ambition for a brand that makes attention to quality and design the principles that guide the development of each single piece.

Only in this way is Turri able to create products capable of transforming the environments in which they are placed, thanks to the attention to detail and the techniques used by the expert craftsmen to whom the company relies, real artists who transmit their passion by shaping always unique and original pieces.

Building beauty is Turri's everyday mission, which with its living collections invites customers to launch on a journey into a world where form, quality and prestige are always at their maximum expression, precisely to offer that perception of beauty that has no needs to be described in words but simply acts by conveying a sense of well-being and pleasure.

Vine Living, Soul Living and Vogue Living are just three examples, among the most popular, of the quality that has made Turri an international point of reference as a representative of Made in Italy values.



The Vine Living collection by Turri is designed by the designer Frank Jiang, who has placed the working of wood at the center of the project, the protagonist of numerous elements, from the sofa, both in the tubular base and in the integrated table, up to the structure of the armchair.

In each piece of the collection, as always all the attention to detail of Turri emerges, which allows you to appreciate both the entire ecosystem and the single element, each with unique characteristics, the result of manual processing by professional craftsmen.



Flexibility is the keyword of the Soul Living collection by Turri, conceived by the designer Giuseppe Viganò. The elevation of the typical artisan techniques of the brand goes hand in hand with the compositional freedom offered primarily by the sofa, available in a fixed two or three-seater version or in a modular version, with the possibility of combining the different modules according to one's preferences and needs.

The upholstery is also completely free to customize, available in fabric, leather or a mix of the two materials, but also the metal base of the armchair, which can be fixed or swivel.



Designed by the designer Andrea Bonini, the Vogue Living collection by Turri focuses decisively on a unique style, the result of different elements that are inspired by the world of high-end luggage, with an elegant and refined but at the same time clean design.

Among the most valuable components of Vogue, the diamond base that characterizes the sofa and armchairs undoubtedly stands out, the upholstery in padded fabric or leather accompanied by padlocks and zips in gold metal, as well as lamps, carpets and other pieces designed to enhance a combination of extremely precious materials, such as exclusive metals and marbles that dialogue harmoniously with handcrafted finishes on wood.

Inside the showroom in Via Boccaccio 4, Milan, it is possible to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Turri Living collections, taking inspiration for furnishing your home in the name of quality and attention to detail.


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