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Quality in every detail

Two indispensable words come to mind when one talks about Turri’s production: manual skill. The company, founded in 1925, was destined to become a leader in the field of interior furnishing in less than half a century’s time.

Turri proposes classic and contemporary furniture as both a tradition and a philosophy.

Internationally recognized as a luxury brand exports all over the world the elegance that distinguishes it.
Every single piece of furniture, from the very first chest of drawers up to the most current production, has been a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity, and uniqueness.
It is a company in continuous expansion, has opened in 2013 a new production center in Italy to carry farther and farther the classic Italian design.


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classic style for dining by Turri
classic style for living by Turri
classic design by Turri