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The top five quotes by Le Corbusier

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The top five quotes by Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier is probably one of the most important and celebrated designers in history and his quotes are famous almost as much as his works. Phrases and thoughts that despite the passage of several decades, still remain incredibly current


Perhaps not everyone knows that Le Corbusier is a pseudonym coined by Amedee Ozenfant during the fall of 1920. This was at the beginning of his career when he signed articles about architecture on Esprit Nouveau Magazine. A reminder of a beloved portrait, set in his childhood home, on which was depicted the master Eplattenier, known to most people just like Le Corbu; the rest belongs to history.


Pioneer of the new century’s architecture, visionary composer of timeless projects, and author of unforgettable statements: the aphorisms of Le Corbusier. His famous quotes are indelible in the minds of every enthusiast, and not only.


We have selected five of them for you, an excerpt of his thought to reflect on the world of design but also on society.


  • Architecture is the wise game, rigorous and magnificent, of volumes assembled in light.


  • Space, light, order. They are things that men need, as they need bread or a place to sleep.


  • The art of decorator is to do in the houses of others what they would never dream of doing in their own.


  • A house is a machine for living.


  • Shape follows function.


Many of the products designed by Le Corbusier as the LC Collection by Cassina are available in our showrooms. Discover the power of these projects, the detail behind each idea and the famous quotes of Corbusier will become even for you an unforgettable memory.



contemporary furniture by Le Corbusier for Cassina
furniture by Le Corbusier for Cassina
contemporary furniture by Cassina

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