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Molteni&C sofa solutions for the living

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The obsession of Molteni&C for quality know-how, for a cutting-edge technique that preserves the brand of craftsmanship thanks to refined details capable of resisting, measuring themselves and anticipating the times, is also found in the sofa collections. They are sofas with a welcoming, strong, accentrating personality, which know how to be subversive in many ways, imposing their own character in the whole ambient. And more. The sofas by Molteni&C are modern, elegant and design sofas where classic and simple shapes wisely used by visionary designers such as, for example, Ferruccio Laviani, play a decisive role. There are sofas that are widely versatile and modular thanks to the aesthetic ductility of the elements such as cushions, islands, backrests of different sizes, armrests and a wide choice of fabrics of the highest quality.

Molteni&C also offers impressive sofas, made of solid wood with goose feather padded cushions: compositions enriched by the addition of a sofa, an armchair and a bench designed to create, together, an intimate but shared space dedicated to conversation. Among the ways of being of the Molteni&C sofas, it’s hard not to mention the avant-garde technology, beautiful to look at, which is measured in backrests of different heights, foamed at different densities. Technology but also assurance: modern sofas composed of familiar elements such as linear and corner sofas, islands and chaise longues. There is also room for unique pieces to play an undisputed leading role in the ambient, eliminating unnecessary elements.

Octave by Vincent Van Duysen is a proportional game between geometries and volumes that arises from a very powerful scenario: the large windows of skyscrapers that open onto expanses of infinite metropolises, technological and futuristic, beautiful and motionless to look at comfortably seated on a cozy sofa. South Kensington by Rodolfo Dordoni is instead a tribute to time and place: the suggestions of the London district and then again the unrepeatable 60s of the twentieth century, the iconography of 2001: A Space Odyssey, all packaged with details and sartorial care to reproduce the feeling of an era.


Octave, the new sofa with the vision of Molteni&C

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen as a system of modular and design sofas with rigorous shapes, Octave by Molteni&C is based on the power of essential geometric lines that design elements that can be joined together which, combined, can create linear, angular or, thanks to the insertion of suspended and light elements with a trapezoidal or rectangular shape, new configurations full of attractiveness and character.

Octave is structured not only in the traditional corner elements, but also with open elements such as chaise longue or pouf that can be combined with the whole composition or remain free in the room to create new areas. From a structural point of view, the feet are in a die-cast steel blade that support the base where the rectangular padded low backrests, in fabric or leather, are placed. The cushions guarantee great comfort which is also extended by the support ones, in rectangular or square shape which, together with the headrests, can be positioned freely on the backrest.

Octave by Molteni&C has the potential of being able to create always different compositions that can change the appearance of an environment and, above all, respond from time to time to the different needs of those who live in the house. Thanks to its versatility, Octave is establishing itself as the ideal solution for home working activities through the use of connecting perfect elements to support laptops, small printers and tablets.

But not only. The essence is in the original idea of the design or that of a sofa from which to admire large spaces, magnetic skies over expanses of metropolis: imaginary lines that chase each other along the path of aesthetics and functionality.


Enveloping charm with a contemporary look for South Kensington

An iconic sofa with the name that evokes the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the historic London district, South Kensington is the latest project by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni&C that stems from the suggestions of the Kensington armchairs that enchanted the Milan Furniture Fair.

South Kensington is a warm, ethereal and enveloping sofa but also with a precise direction: the rounded shapes that expand in the round are reminiscent of a real futuristic design, with a nod to cinema masterpieces such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, myth of the 60s of the twentieth century and the imagination of a generation, in a mix of tailoring details and a contemporary look.

The sofas available are two or three-seater with an integrated and enveloping seat at medium height to ensure maximum comfort. The coverings and finishes are made with the highest quality materials, mirror and reflection of the extreme care used even in the smallest details.

South Kensington by Molteni&C is fully part of the category of great timeless classics that instantly demonstrate their value both in residential interior design but also in the lobby and lounge of hospitality.

It is a versatile sofa that plays with time: a classic approach to the future but without ever forgetting the lesson of tradition.



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