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The ability to respect tradition while always remaining in line with the times is one of the cornerstones of the Maxalto sofa category, directed since 1993 by Antonio Citterio according to a line that combines technology and craftsmanship.

The Febo Maxalto collection, which includes sofas, armchairs, poufs or chaise longues, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic produced by the Venetian company. Born in 2008, the Febo seating family has been able to remain current thanks to a style which, while inspired by more classic forms, lends itself perfectly to elegantly furnish even a modern living room.

Comfort, aesthetics and originality coexist in this collection, which, as per Maxalto tradition, offers a high degree of customization, between the types of seats available, finishes and coverings, to meet customer needs as much as possible.



At first glance, the refined and elegant lines of the Febo sofa, with its wide backrest, recall memories that bring back to the traditional living room, with a vaguely French inspiration.

The absence of armrests has the effect of making the seat even more enveloping, also thanks to the single cushion that occupies the entire length of the sofa, which varies slightly in the two or three-seater versions, both available with a high or low seat cushion .

To make the Febo sofa even more precious is the use of solid wood for the base and legs, reconfirming a tradition that saw Maxalto focus decisively on this material in an era in which there was a clear preference for plastic.

The varied choice of finishes also helps the customer to "shape" the product according to their preferences: the fabric or leather upholstery, available in many different colors and all with the refined "snap stitch" visible stitching, can be applied even to the base and legs, in a single material version, thus giving continuity with the cushions.



The Febo sofa is probably the main protagonist of this iconic Maxalto collection, but not the only one. The collection is in fact expanded by solutions such as poufs, armchairs or chaise longues, useful for completing the ecosystem and offering additional support and conversation spaces.

The Febo armchair recalls the large shapes of the sofa and can be purchased in the version with high or low backrest, with or without armrests. Also in this case, the fabric or leather upholstery can also include the feet, while the base confirms the use of solid wood, which can however be realized in different finishes.

The choice between fabric and leather, always with various chromatic options, is also valid for the Febo upholstered poufs, to be used as an "extension" of a two or three-seater sofa or, if necessary, as a simple support.

To find the most suitable configuration for the available spaces, the best choice is undoubtedly to go in person to our showroom in via Boccaccio 11 to touch the quality of Maxalto.

Divano Febo Maxalto Rivenditore Milano Showroom
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