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Precious and timeless living by Maxalto

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Maxalto, the luxury of refined craftsmanship protagonist in the living room


Modern living rooms with refined touches of the past, enhanced and made timeless by furnishings with clean lines and precious materials. These are just some of the characteristics that distinguish the style of Maxalto, an Italian company that was founded in 1975 and works alongside B&B Italia, defining its precise identity in the specialized production of highly artisanal furniture.

A search for excellence declared right from the name: Maxalto from the Venetian dialect "massa alto", means "the highest". From the beginning, under the formal profile, we look to the past through an approach of which Afra and Tobia Scarpa are the interpreters, who make wood the protagonist through the use of ancient and rare craftsmanship typical of cabinet making and violin making, giving life to sculptural furnishings such as the Africa chair, from the Artona line and the New Harmony collection.

Since 1993, the architect Antonio Citterio has brought a breath of fresh air to Maxalto, whose projects initially date back to the early twentieth century, only to find references in the typologies and language of French design between the two wars, making these aesthetic trends contemporary.

For Antonio Citterio, Maxalto is a production laboratory where to carry out the research and production of a collection of “modern neo-classics” that look at the house as a homogeneous and coherent environment, without ever giving up comfort and conviviality.

Since last year, Maxalto has rethought its identity by offering a warm environment and a lighter aesthetic, renewed but always consistent and in harmony with that initial idea of a Déco environment wanted by Antonio Citterio.

The new colours, that is the lighter tones of wengé and oak left natural, the bronze and chrome finishes for the metals, the warm nuances of the leathers and fabrics and the textile proposal, inspired by the 1920s and the work of Jean -Michel Frank, help to define a sophisticated atmosphere and an idea of consistent luxury.


Apollo by Antonio Citterio, the curvilinear sofa for comfort

Curvilinear but always precise shapes for Apollo, the sofa designed by Antonio Citterio, a symbol of a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. The design of the backrest, the generous depth of the seat, the anatomical shapes and the soft padding make Apollo an extremely welcoming and comfortable proposal that also features a rich range of fabric or leather upholstery. The fabric versions are further embellished with raised stitching, while the leather versions show elegant “envelope” stitching. The structure is highlighted by a painted aluminium edge available in a range of refined colours.


Astrum, the iconic table that combines wood and marble

Lightness and solidity. It seems an oxymoron but in fact they are some of the peculiarities of Astrum, one of the iconic tables signed by Maxalto. They are distinguished by the special "easel" base. The support structure is made up of a single upright in painted die-cast aluminium which, according to the shape of the table, is made up of two or three elements to form beams: two elements connected by a crossbar form the base for the tables. rectangular, while three elements connected to the base by a steel ring form the support for the round tables. The triangular section of the upright, rising from the ground with a slight slope, gives the structure lightness and solidity at the same time. The table tops are available in different wood, glossy and marble finishes. Only for the round versions it is possible to insert a spinning tray.


Lithos, the coffee table that holds memories and precious objects

Intended for storing and displaying the most precious objects with great elegance, the Lithos low tables are ideal for both domestic environments and retail spaces. It can also be placed in the centre of the room, with the sofas around it, leaving the contents exposed to store them in perfect order and extract them easily. They are available in two sizes and combine transparent glass tops with metal structures painted in refined shades. The intermediate top and the pull-out trays that are equipped with are in wood to choose from different finishes. The trays are embellished with a leather background in colonial or dark brown colours.


Tesaurus, a sinuous example of high cabinet-making

Precious, unique, a symbol of craftsmanship, the Tesaurus containers designed by Antonio Citterio are made by master cabinetmakers. The shape emphasizes the high quality craftsmanship starting from the curved wooden doors which, when opened, reveal slightly protruding shelves, characterized by a profile that follows the sinuosity of the entire volume. At the base there is a die-cast aluminium structure borrowed from the design of the Caratos chairs, while the overlying element is a top in black Marquinia, white Calacatta or Emperador marble. The interiors are completely made in a refined essence of frisé maple. The artisan excellence is expressed in the luxurious parchment or wood coverings. The oak or Chilean Tineo wood veneer is always made with a pattern of staggered checkers with crossed veins. The complexity of Tesaurus processing makes each piece practically unique, difficult to imitate, and authentically exclusive.


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