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Timeless is the result of the dialogue between 12 different Italian companies, including Riva 1920, which have been able to collaborate with others by making their skills available to create a table which, as explained by the name itself, is simply timeless.

What makes it so are the choices regarding the design, the materials and of course the clock in the center of the top, unique features that make Timeless the most expensive table in the world, with a price close to two million euros. On the other hand, we are talking about a collectibles item, produced in a very limited number of copies, each of which represents a concentrate of Italian craftsmanship.



The Riva 1920 signature on the Timeless table could not have been more special: the Cantù company is in fact the author of the top made of Kauri, a millenary wood that originates from the forests of New Zealand and has a history of unique charm.

The Kauri forests were drowned by water and mud, following a series of natural disasters, at the end of the last ice age, about 50,000 years ago. This layer has in fact acted as a "protection" for the overwhelmed plants, which for tens of thousands of years have remained perfectly preserved thanks to the absence of oxygen, which has ended up stopping the decomposition and petrification processes. Thus, Riva 1920 was able to rediscover a material obtained from what are real wood reserves still hidden in the ground today, using Kauri, perfectly intact as if it were still cut, to create the 5-meter plan with lots of inserted resin.

But Timeless is above all harmony between its components, as can also be understood from the words of Massimo Riva himself, today at the leadership of the company, according to which "the idea behind this project was to try to involve a series of friends united entrepreneurs in the same sharing of intentions ".

In this way the Kauri top manages to dialogue perfectly with the base designed by the artist Helidon Xhixha and made of a unique mix of white marble, coming from the Cava delle Cervaiole in Henraux, and stainless steel, sculpted by hand using a processing technique in cold.

To this skilful combination of materials an internal LED strip is added, capable of further enhancing the combination of marble and steel with a special lighting effect, and of course the clock set in the center of the table, the result of years of research by of the prestigious Como-based company La Vallée and equipped with the innovative M30TP mechanism outlook, which incorporates a perpetual calendar designed with a revolutionary mechanism for traditional watchmaking standards, without the help of electronics.

Features that, all together, explain why the list price of the Timeless table is € 1,890,000.



However, the experience and wisdom of Riva 1920 are not contained only in the unique Timeless table.

There are in fact other works that highlight the craftsmanship of the Canturina company, such as the Blow seat combined with Timeless, made of Murano crystal and designed by the architect Marco Piva to add another touch of light, as well as magic, to the table itself.

Also noteworthy is Fire, a line of sideboards and tables of different sizes that however share a special distinctive feature, from the use of Briccola wood, taken from the famous poles "planted" in the sand of the Venetian lagoon, where they are used for mooring of boats, and then recovered to be used in the production of furniture, in which the fascinating texture of the material created following the processing of natural organisms over time can be seen.

Wood is also the protagonist of the All Around seating collection, realized thanks to the processing of trunk sections, to which functional shapes are given, which create a connection with the user thanks also to the precise sensations offered, helping to establish a tight connection between human and nature.



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