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Riva 1920, unique products with tradition at their heart


Riva Design has been producing sustainable wooden furniture for over 95 years. At the heart of the Riva 1920 table collection lies traditional production. The unique Riva 1920 designs have transformed the brand into an iconic name in the global landscape of design and have contributed to the diffusion of sustainable design.


The entire Riva furniture catalogue places utmost importance on the selection of high-quality wood that comes from areas subjected to regulated reforestation. These green considerations are also employed in the choosing of other materials such as metals, hides, fabrics and everything else that transforms their wood designs into timeless pieces.


Firstly, every component is carefully studied and selected. Then, Riva 1920 employs these first-rate materials to manufacture large pieces of furniture or smaller elements, such as the Riva 1920 stools.

Riva 1920 furniture: sustainable design

On the Sag80 Group website you can find the entire Riva 1920 furniture catalogue. The Riva design creations are 100% Made in Italy and are planned down to the smallest detail. The brand’s philosophy is outlined by high-quality and sustainability, an awareness that places particular attention on material sourcing. For example, the wood they employ is collected solely from areas that regularly undergo reforestation. In this way, Riva design can make sure that the wood they source will be replaced. Riva 1920 also makes use of other sustainable strategies, such as the utilisation of wood waste. Emblematic examples are the use of dolphin structures and the recycling of the precious Kauri wood.


The dolphin structures come from the Venetian lagoon, where they are used to signal water height in the canals. The resistance of these structures is put to the test by the weather conditions and by the molluscs that create unique wood inlays. Riva 1920 recycles these wooden structures to create suggestive and alluring furniture pieces. A similar effect is given by the reutilisation of the ancient Kauri wood: this type of wood, that disappeared during the jurassic period, comes from New Zealand. Buried and preserved in deep mud, chunks of these trees have survived for centuries underground, remaining completely intact. Today, Riva design reuses the wood to create beautiful furniture design.


Riva 1920 table designs: handcrafted natural wood

The Riva 1920 table production is characterised by artisanal knowledge passed from generation to generation. The artisan’s hands, the company’s most important tool, model this natural material in accordance with its substance and dimension, giving it a sophisticated and elegant shape. 


The Riva 1920 table production is extensive and characterised by incredible high quality. The Sky Plank table designed in 2017 by C.R. & S. Riva1920 is a prime example of these fine traits. The wide surface of this table is made with two planks of solid wood. The sides of the planks have been left unrefined and there is a gap in between the two. The wood is supported by two double-sheeted, semi-folded iron legs in the shape of a rhombus. The product is finished with an oil or natural wax-based varnish, which is obtained from pine trees.


An incredibly original and innovative Riva 1920 table is Pangea. Pangea, designed by Michele de Lucchi in 2015, is made in solid wood and is available in durmast or walnut wood. It is characterised by 25 legs, made with the wood from dolphin structures, that support 19 different wooden surfaces. Thus, this piece of furniture is actually composed of many different smaller table elements that can be slotted into one another to create a larger table. These smaller parts are like pieces of a puzzle that can be arranged in a number of different ways and create an infinite number of shapes. The name of this table originates from the shape created by its modules, that vaguely recall the pangea, the original single continent.


Riva 1920 stools and other furniture elements

The Riva 1920 furniture catalogue includes over 80 different types of stools. However, the dense Riva design catalogue doesn’t include only tables and stools, but also many chairs, beds, bookcases and cupboards. Every piece of furniture is made in wood and is personalisable. Choose an authentic piece of Riva 1920 furniture and add a fresh look to your house!

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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