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In less than 30 years since its birth, the Lombardian company Paola Lenti has established itself as a reference point on the international stage for outdoor and indoor furniture. Its secret? A path made of constant research and experimentation that has allowed the brand to combine tradition and innovation, trying to propose solutions that always obtained originality thanks to the in-depth study of the quality of both ancient and latest generation materials.

Together with the fabrics, made with the finest fibers, shapes and colors also represent a distinctive feature of Paola Lenti, fundamental aspects that give furniture and accessories, already designed in the name of resistance and functionality, also a character destined to last over time.



Born in 1958 in Alessandria, Piedmont, after completing the Liceo Classico, Paola Lenti moved to Milan, where she graduated from the Polytechnic and took her first steps in the professional world.

Several fashion houses and some events allow her to gain experience as an image coordinator and graphic designer, an accomplishment that in 1994 allows her to found the company of the same name Paola Lenti in Meda, the Lombardian district a few kilometers from Milan that owes its fame in the artisan production of furniture and in the design sector.

The initial products launched by Paola Lenti on the market, however, are the carpets, which already highlight the attention to materials that would later characterize the entire life of the newborn brand. Over the years, continuous experiments on yarns and fabrics have been added to this aspect, which led the company to create the first outdoor collections that have linked the image of the brand to the outdoor world, both for the quality of the manual craftsmanship and for a notable talent in the choice and combination of colors.

Over time, the world of Paola Lenti has been enriched with new solutions, which today also include collections for interiors, but always with the same philosophy: whether it is sofas, armchairs, rugs, bookcases, tables or other furnishing accessories, the goal is to create real harmonious domestic landscapes, with objects able to communicate with each other through shapes, materials and colors.



The Oasi modular sofa designed by Francesco Rota, is an outdoor seating system that offers a high level of customization. The basic element can in fact be completed with backrests and armrests in numerous different configurations that allow you to create original compositions, which make the most of the environment.

The elements that can be combined with this garden sofa do not require coupling systems to be combined with the base structure of the seat, which is produced in painted stainless steel and boasts a suspension on elastic belts.

Backrests and armrests in painted aluminum are covered in Diade, a molded and totally recyclable plastic material, an aspect that highlights Paola Lenti's efforts towards the environment and our planet.

The generous dimensions and geometric design of the Oasi collection are designed to fit perfectly into a garden and communicate with nature, thanks to an attentive selection of colors that recalls the surrounding outdoor environment. It is no coincidence, on the other hand, that Paola Lenti explained  in an interview with Corriere in 2016, how the study of nature, the creator of extraordinary works by itself, is one of the main inspirations for its nourishing creativity.



In addition to the quality of the materials, the furniture and accessories by Paola Lenti are renowned for their essential shapes but at the same time studied in the miniest detail, accompanied by the choices of original colors that help to create a great balance, able to link between their concepts and sensations not only in appearance, such as past and present, tradition and innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

In this way, through research and relying on various professionals, such as tailors, engineers or architects, this Meda company is now able to develop projects for multiple contexts, from the nautical sector to the residential one, remaining faithful to its philosophy based on dialogue between materials, shapes and colors, which allowed Paola Lenti to be presented in around 300 international showrooms and land in more than 60 countries.



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