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The best of Made in Italy with Sag'80

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Making the standard rule, creating the style and maintaining it for more than half a century. This is what guided B&B Italia's ride in the world of design furniture for more than fifty years and which continues to inspire the production of this leading Italian company today. If you name B&B Italia, your thoughts immediately turn to ideas of luxury, sophistication, refinement and technological innovation. It is a continuous flow of ideas that from the industry strictly dedicated to living have also moved and imposed on the hospitality, retail, office and nautical areas.

But not only. B&B Italia had the foresight and the courage to make bold choices aimed at the future. It was 1975 when the architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa had the intuition to aim for the best: this is how Maxalto was born, a brand inside the company, which has been synonymous with wooden furniture completely Made in Italy since the beginning, with hand-made craftsmanship. per piece, of precious and exclusive materials.

And the story continues at the hands of Antonio Citterio who has been designing all the collections for Maxalto since 1992 and that this year he created Heritage Perspectives, a new story in images with the will to continue to seek the best for contemporary living.

It is a story of an Italian success that goes beyond national borders both from a commercial and artistic point of view, embellishing the name of Italy: the B&B flagship stores, present in 80 countries around the world, are the nodal points of a dense network professional built in our country and abroad.

As already mentioned, it is written B&B Italia but it reads 'the best of Made In Italy'. Precisely for this reason Sag'80 has always looked with interest at the proposals of this prestigious and structured company.

A pact between skills, professionalism, luxury, style and refinement.
In short, a term for Made in Italy.


Heritage Perspectives, the new Maxalto collection designed by Antonio Citterio 


“I followed a theme when I designed the Maxalto collection, precisely the meaning of the bourgeois room and of the past century's tradition, each piece tells of its function, celebrating a solid and reassuring ritual.”

                                                                                                                            -Antonio Citterio

Paris, 2020, Rue du Bac showroom. This is where Maxalto's new collection, Heritage Perspectives, was premiered because the Paris house is Maxalto's home. The collection plays with a timeless future, an evolution of the brand where new products complement the re-editions of some best-sellers that have marked the history of Maxalto. It is an upgrade towards the contemporary with a look to the future, a rewrite dictated by both aesthetic and structural conditions. Exclusive fabrics, precious materials, original stitching and new structural approaches are the framework of this new story imagined by Citterio. Who would not have wished for any other place than Paris: it is the spirit of the French master Jean-Michel Frank that imposes himself in the room, in every room of this communicating house, where black and white create a welcoming and exclusive path telling the present and the future of living.

Heritage Perspectives presents numerous novelties such as Alcor, the line of tables and sideboards in which refined aesthetics are embellished with precious materials, such as Chilean tineo wood; space then for Lithos, a series of display units and low tables that can also be positioned in the center of the room. There is no shortage of sofas: the news are Apollo, Aurae, Amoenus Soft and Otium Soft, a suggestion in the names: the shapes are clean, rigorous and elegant but without giving up the comfort and peculiarities of Maxalto.


B&B Italia Outdoor 2020: international design at the service of the product

For Outdoor 2020, B&B Italia offers three different collections, designed by three masters of international design. Three different personalities, three different poetic objects that run towards one great goal: to create something unrepeatable, timeless and iconic.

Antonio Citterio, with his typically Italian taste, has created Hybrid, an outdoor seating system where, in addition to the well-established combination of rigor/comfort, the choice of textile materials is decisive. Naoto Fukasawa unites Northern Europe and the Far East in Ayana, a line of outdoor tables and chairs: invisible and avant-garde technological solutions are grafted into the dialogue between the essentiality of shapes and natural wood. The third story is Philippe Starck's B&B Italia debut with Oh, it rains! composed of sofa and armchairs, it inaugurates a collaboration destined to last over time in the sign of the strong personality of its author.

Three masters for a vision of space that is composed by hand: public or private places, from the most extreme architecture to the return to tradition, from a Zen garden immersed in peace to the deck of a ship in the waves, the new Outdoor collection 2020 by B&B Italia is really at ease in many places. One location does not exclude another, a sign that a story, when well written, can thrill different types of audiences.

And well-written means attention to the ambience in the choice of materials, the enhancement of the Italian textile sector and the professionalism, the study of color and the role, a new vision of space.

An outdoor space to live and to tell extraordinary stories.


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