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Style and warmth for chalet-style living


living style chalet

Craftsmanship, wood and contemporary shapes for chalet-style living rooms


Bring a bit of mountains to the city as well. Among the latest trends in furniture, the mountain chalet style has become very popular with those who want to give their home a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. It is conceived as a cocoon that protects from the outside and welcomes the inhabitants with a warm palette and a comforting sense of protection.

The classic interiors of the shelters are reinterpreted by architects in a contemporary key, always taking into consideration the surrounding environment. Furniture and decorations, in fact, must be in tune with the landscape. In the furnishing of a mountain home, wood is the undisputed protagonist, both on the floors and on the ceilings. Not only parquet and exposed beams for the ceilings, but also wooden furniture to choose from in natural tones (walnut, cherry, ash), with clean lines.

Keeping the original architectural elements as much as possible, such as exposed beams, stone walls, makes the chalet even more rustic and at the same time elegant. The living area is the heart of the house where conviviality is lived, so you need to choose a nice comfortable sofa, soft, preferably with lots of cushions, and wooden details. Then make way for boiserie, furniture covered in fir strips, rustic tables, consoles and wooden bookcases that give warmth and refinement to the rooms.


Alberese, the linear and flexible sofa by Piero Lissoni for DePadova

Alberese is the harmonious, linear and flexible modular project designed by architect Piero Lissoni for DePadova, a symbol of a contemporary, personal, welcoming living area. “Alberese is a sofa born from many reflections and therefore frozen in its essence. It has large cushions, it is comfortable but also elegant”, as Lissoni defined it.

"It's called Alberese - he explained - from the name of a very streamlined land (the Tuscan Maremma), large and with very visible horizons just like the sofa: a sofa that can be seen, but at the same time very low with great comfort and angles very special, between design and architecture".

A collection of upholstered furniture with inclined armrests where you can relax, read, and be together. All the elements of the system share the deep and comfortable seat - single modules, corner modules, but also chaise longues and poufs - and design different solutions every time where small and big everyday stories happen. It is a modular sofa system with a classic style padded on the ground. The terminal module with open angle armrest gives the product extreme comfort given by the feather seat.


Rolf Benz 900, the Beck Design dining table that combines elegance and craftsmanship

Rustic elegance for the Rolf Benz 900 dining table, made by Beck Design for the Benz brand. Starting with the shape, which can be rectangular in three dimensions, but also round or - for a particularly soft and organic feeling - made with a vague design. A line that combines elegance with the best woodworking, in which the table top is available in natural oak, black stained or American walnut. For the structure it is possible to choose between: natural oak, black stained oak, American walnut, traffic black and shadow gray. The structure and the tabletop can also be combined with a mix of materials.


Recipio, the Maxalto table that inspires conviviality 

The name inspires a sense of refined hospitality. Recipio, the table designed by the architect Antonio Citterio for Maxalto is essential and sober, has a slatted top that rests on inclined legs, connected by cross pieces. In oak, in different variants, it is a contemporary version of the refectory type. Suitable not only for the dining area, it reveals all its elegance even without chairs around it. Born from an element that served as a bedside table, today it comes with an entire line consisting of a console, a series of round and rectangular tables, a writing desk with drawer and a two-dimensional dining table made of light, gray or black oak wood.

It can be placed in the dining area or at the entrance, serving both as a support surface and with an exhibition function.


Tour, the console work of art by Cattelan Italia

A light, delicate, sinuous and at the same time full of warm design is that of Tour, the console conceived by Giorgio Cattelan for Cattelan Italia. Peculiarities of this furniture are the oval-shaped leg enclosed between the two parallelograms of the base and the top available in transparent, extra-clear or walnut glass. This console is easily placed in a passage area of the house but also in the living room, thanks to its harmonious shape that allows it to be easily integrated into various types of environments.


Grid, the new modular wall-system that revolutionizes the domestic space

Essentiality and concreteness are the characteristics of Grid, a novelty regarding the modular wall-system by Molteni & C which bears the signature of Vincent Van Duysen, Belgian architect and interior designer who creates furnishings of great purity and essentiality, despite retaining a character of concreteness and solid formal foundations.

A novelty that leads to the evolution of the domestic space thanks to the presence of electronic devices. The system is modular and is equipped with a folding paneling, fixed to the wall, inside which LED lighting is inserted on request both in the central part and in the upper part along the entire length, various connections, open system flexible on the basis of a modular grid, which organizes the elements of the composition and enhances their function.

The compositional freedom is enhanced in the upper part by using open bookcases, display cabinets or cases, exhibitors at different heights for precious objects, paintings, memories of everyday life, painted in the metallic finishes of Pewter and Copper.


Riddled Totem, the sculptural bookcase in wood and metal

A real work of art made up of an aluminum structure and five elements made of wooden sheets with a thickness of two millimeters and folded like origami, thanks to a complex patented technological process. Riddled Totem, the bookcase by Casamania & Horm has great charm and elegance thanks to the sculptural volumes, already characterized by the perforated textures typical of many famous works by Steven Holl.

The result is a multifaceted container, light and shiny like a diamond, but made of wood. Five different containers equipped with an opening door with magnetic closure, made with a material created and patented by Horm composed of a 2.2 mm thick wood and fabric sandwich which, thanks to surface incisions made with laser cutting, is folded as an origami.


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