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Ligne Roset, a timeless style

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Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset, French style between tradition and modernity since 1860


Refinement, modernity, strong identity and obsessive attention to detail. A philosophy that has belonged to the French company Ligne Roset since 1860, an excellence of the French market that has become a multinational in a very short time, while maintaining a family business.

Born in Montagnieu, in the French province of Ain, by Antoine Roset and his son Emile, founders of a small manufacturing business dedicated to woodworking with a production of walking sticks, umbrellas and chair frames, the company has had a remarkable development with Jean Roset, grandson of the founder, who in 1950, at the end of the Second World War, diverted production to tables, chairs and beds for schools, universities, hospitals and retirement homes.

So 10 years later, taking advantage of the creative explosion of the late 1960s, that furniture declined for the home furnishings market. The company, as we know it today, began to take shape in 1973, when the Ligne Roset brand was made official, the production plant moved to Briors, where it is still based today, and the Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy was presented that represents the turning point of this French brand.

Today it can boast of being the only publisher, manufacturer and distributor of high-end furniture made in France, with two hundred single-brand showrooms and numerous retail stores throughout the world. To distinguish it on the market are collections of furniture and decorative accessories, lighting systems, carpets, fabrics and accessories characterized by refined and rigorous but also bold and ironic shapes; a recognizable stylistic figure pursued in the many collaborations activated both with established designers and with emerging designers.

Ligne Roset promotes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, which starts from the furniture design process and reaches the well-being of employees, passing through a low-impact and environmentally friendly production.


The Togo sofa, a style icon, symbol of living the home in an informal way

An innovative and democratic piece of furniture. These are the reasons that led to the Togo sofa designed by Michel Ducaroy, the René - Gabriel prize when it was presented for the first time at the Salon des Arts ménagers at the Palais de la Défense in Paris.

A sofa that takes inspiration from the shape of a tube of toothpaste rolled up on itself and is also remembered as a sofa "looking like a newborn" with the wrinkles of a Shar-Pei dog. It is characterized as a light, comfortable and easily transportable piece of furniture, still considered today the Ligne Roset sofa par excellence.

After more than fifty years and with over a million pieces sold in seventy-two countries, it is a furnishing icon with a deconstructed form, and represents a contemporary and informal way of living the home, a hymn to laziness that is renewed by year after year with new coatings and reinterpretations, including a children's version.

Last year in 2020, Togo became a complete collection of seats in polyurethane foam that alongside the sofa are armchairs and two-seater sofas, thus reinterpreting Ducaroy's designs, in a modern key, in the light of a new structure that allows for production in which recycled and recyclable, non-toxic and low-emission materials are integrated.


Ruché, the curled sofa that combines the particular with the traditional

When clothing processing mixes design, furnishings with a unique and timeless charm are created. This happened for the Ruché model, designed by designer Inga Sempé who, taking its name from the gathered or pleated fabric that serves as a decoration on clothing, combines the unusual and the traditional.

The peculiarity of this piece is its solid wood structure, and the great traditional element: the quilting, the true heart of its savoir-faire. Its slender uprights and the undulations of its duvet combine to produce a harmonious union of rigorous straight lines and soft, welcoming curves. Slender and fine, Ruché is nevertheless soft and welcoming. It can also be added that Ruché's own design proposes a collection of seats that combines comfort and compactness. Its modularity therefore offers the double advantage of considerable comfort and the appearance of a real domestic sofa, taking it away from the "banquet" aspect. Its lower lines allow it to integrate with elegance in all spaces, even the smallest.


Desdemone, the bed inspired by a shell

Function and use. These are the concepts that the designers Nasrallah & Horner have brought back to the Desdemone bed, a particular piece of furniture that almost has the appearance of a cocoon: it brings protection and serenity, becoming the ideal refuge for a perfect night's rest.

The padded headboard evokes a shell: it is an invitation to read, watch TV or even write. The impression of continuity between the headboard and the base gives great visual lightness, even in the case of the version with a high headboard. A model that lends itself to a great variety of uses, becoming the center of the living universe.


Juliette Coiffeuse, feminine and functional multitasking furniture

Romantic, modern and functional, Juliette is a dressing table made by Evangelos Vasileiou for the French company Ligne Roset. The warm and precious charm given by the wood and the simplicity of the design make it a particularly graceful and refined piece of furniture. Made of American blond walnut veneered MDF panels and black lacquered steel base, it is completed by a drawer and a second storage compartment closed by a flap door which hides, on the inside, a maxi mirror to be used in the open position. Opening with 2 gas springs.


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