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Ligne Roset Furniture: creative design since 1860


Ligne Roset furniture is an international symbol of excellent transalpine design. Founded in 1860 in France by the Roset Family, Ligne Roset started as a small business that manufactured wooden walking sticks. Since then, the brand has covered every field of modern design, reaching an elevated level of know-how that has allowed Ligne Roset to export high-quality French design all over the world.


Creativity is one of the key features of every Ligne Roset furniture piece: from the sofas, to the chairs, lamps, fabrics and carpets, every Ligne Roset product displays this fundamental trait. If a new design requires new materials or new manufacturing processes, the company will source them.The creation of Ligne Roset furniture starts from the idea, and then moves on to the technique, always placing creativity at the centre of its design production.


Besides tradition, then, innovation becomes central to the Ligne Roset production, a trait that is present in every collection, such as the Ligne Roset Outdoor and Ligne Roset Sofa collections. This approach to design is also accompanied by collaborations with prominent designers and contemporary emerging talents. Ligne Roset offers more than just furniture objects, it offers an authentic lifestyle to be experienced through its products, from the Ligne Roset poufs, to the Ligne Roset lamps and fabrics. Every piece from the Ligne Roset furniture collection is available on the Sag80 website.


Ligne Roset catalogue: an extensive range of high-quality sofas

Ligne Roset’s investments in innovative design have allowed the company to become a multinational business with over 200 branches all over the world, including the Ligne Roset Milano branch. Despite this they still maintain the family-run style of their original 1860 business.


Keeping the production internal allows the company to closely supervise every step of the manufacturing process and maintain a constant high standard of production. This is clearly exemplified by the incredibly rich Ligne Roset catalogue, in particular the Ligne Roset sofa collection. Indeed, part of the company’s success was thanks to the timeless Ligne Roset Togo sofa collection, by Michel Ducaroy. The Togo collection is composed of a series of ergonomic seatings made in polyurethane foam with quilted upholstery. Every element of the Togo collection, which also includes a pouf, is incredibly beautiful and soft, and offers utmost comfort to each and every user.


The Ligne Roset sofas, characterised by a modern and contemporary style, are designed by some of the greatest designers of our times, such as Pierre Paulin, Didier Gomez and Eric Jourdan. The sofas are totally personalisable thanks to the vast selection of high-quality leathers and fabrics. On the Sag80 website you will find all the best sofas from the Ligne Roset catalogue, the result of years of research into the concept of comfort, exemplified by magnificent designs such as the Ligne Roset Ploum sofa.


The Ploum sofa, designed by Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, unites elastic upholstery with ultra-flexible foam padding, resulting in an extremely comfortable product. The Ploum sofa is also one of the largest designs from the Ligne Roset sofa collection. Ploum sports an asymmetric design, with the right back support being slightly taller and deeper than the left one. The back zip is also off-centre, which contributes to the peculiar look of the sofa. The soft materials of this four-seat sofa mould around the shape of the body to ensure total comfort.


A completely different concept lies behind the creation of the Ligne Roset Multy sofa bed, designed by Claude Brisson. This product perfectly combines a sofa and a bed, without losing any of the characteristic traits of either product. Multy is a modern and functional piece of furniture, perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable sofa-bed but still want a stylish designer product.


Furnishing your outdoor spaces with a Ligne Roset Pouf

On the Sag80 website you will also find the prestigious Ligne Roset Outdoor collection. The collection stems from a desire to recreate the atmosphere of the Provence countryside through high end furniture. The Ligne Roset Outdoor collection integrates beautifully with the surrounding nature and with its hosting environment.


A perfect example is the Ligne Roset pouf called Ottoman, which is also available in the armchair and sofa variants. Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the pouf is inspired by the traditional Moroccan seatings. The elegant Ottoman Pouf is ideal for relaxing in tranquillity.


Another unique exemplar from the Ligne Roset outdoor collection is the Ligne Roset Serpentine series. The collection was originally designed in 2012 with a steel structure but was relaunched in 2018 with an aluminium structure. Aluminium, being an extremely light and waterproof material, makes the Serpentine series perfect for outdoor environments. The sofa and armchair set are ideal for gardens and verandas, and can give to your outdoors the impeccable style which is normally reserved for interior spaces. The Serpentine series can help you create a little relaxing oasis which you can retire to when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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