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The universe of excellence embraced by Sag'80 does not stop only in Italy but also crosses the Alps to arrive in France, where the journey of Ligne Roset began, a brand with more than a century of history capable of carving out a leading role plan in the world of international design.

In fact, the history of Ligne Roset begins in 1860, as a company specialized in the production of walking sticks. Since then, the long journey has allowed the company to make the made in France quality known thanks to furnishings of all kinds, starting from the highly appreciated sofas to chairs, rugs, furniture, lighting or outdoor items.

The lowest common denominator, depending on the type of furniture, remains that of creativity, which always represents the starting point for Ligne Roset and for the prestigious designers with whom the company collaborates. In fact, once the idea has been developed, the brand works to make it happen through the required materials or production methods, thus placing operations at the service of the creative idea.

The quality of Ligne Roset sofas faithfully reflects the evolution of a company which today has over 200 offices all over the world: the manufacturing standards of the products are kept extremely high thanks especially to the internal production, which also makes it possible to make a diverse offer.



The Togo collection by Ligne Roset, designed by Michel Ducaroy, is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated thanks to a unique aesthetic capable of resisting over time, without ever losing its peculiarities.

Original yet comfortable, the shapes drawn by the soft lines of the sofa invite you to carve out moments of total relaxation, further accentuated by the ergonomic design in expanded polyester foam and quilted covers.



Designed by designers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, the Ploum sofa is the result of long and meticulous research conducted by the company on the subject of comfort: the result has led to an ultra-flexible foam padding combined with an elastic covering, in order to create a seat as wide as it is comfortable.

Even the design is made to immediately catch the eye, thanks to the offset between the two backrests: the right one is in fact deeper and higher than the left one. Its shapes are also designed to accommodate and accommodate the bodies of those who sit there, ensuring maximum comfort.



Already at first glance, it is evident how the Prado sofa by Ligne Roset responds to other logics than other models of the company, focusing on the simplicity and clean lines that characterize a minimal design.

In fact, the designer Christian Werner was inspired by the shape of a simple bench, enriched however by weighted cushions and equipped with an anti-slip system, so that they can be positioned at will, without the need for a foothold.

For more info on the Prado sofa, just like Ploum and Togo, book an appointment with our team of experts in our showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan.


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