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Gallotti&Radice, an Italian excellence

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Gallotti & Radice, the timeless refinement of made in Italy


Fragile, adaptable, it plays with transparencies and gives brightness. Glass is a refined material, complex to work with, but when it is done with the right skill it can give life to spectacular objects, capable of embellishing environments and giving refined and unique reflections.

For Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice, creating an artistic space dedicated to glass decoration in 1955 was like following a passion and turning it into reality. Tradition and innovation mix and create a small and precious production that begins with lighting fixtures, furnishing items, mirrors: all unique pieces, made exclusively by hand.

The following year the two partners felt the need to expand the collection and enrolled in the school of art applied to industry at the Sforzesco castle in Milan. Here they follow drawing and decoration courses, grasping every aspect of technical and ornamental design in detail, and it is precisely from here that an excellence of Made in Italy is born, the company Gallotti & Radice, specialized in a detailed production that implies continuous research and a great knowledge and mastery of the different processes for which the protagonists are artisans of the highest level who guard the secrets of their art.

In these years, collaborations began with established designers of the time which, at the beginning of the 1970s, led to the first successes, such as the iconic Adam table.

History has it that in 1971 the architect Luigi Massoni expressly asked for the collaboration of Gallotti & Radice for the creation of a furniture showcase in Milan, then a reference store for design in Italy: a table was needed to create the Christmas-themed set-up. Thus was born the first successful article, the Adam table, made entirely of crystal, light, transparent, elegant, with a 15 mm fire-bent and hand-ground base and metal parts in chromed brass.

Subsequently, the company explores new horizons, linked to the creation of crystal coffee tables, for example by creating the first set table with "Tris", inspired by rationalist shapes and characterized by a steel joint, which shows its beauty and elegance by hiding instead the actual fixing system.

From that moment on, the history of Gallotti & Radice has been a series of successes until the recent era (2008), the year in which the brand, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, launched an extraordinary collection dedicated to the "Air" office space, transforming concepts such as lightness, transparency and elegance, leading to a new timeless and very high quality aesthetic.

Today, the products of this line are the best sellers of the brand in Italy and abroad. Currently the company, although it has achieved internationality, continues to be family-run, thanks to the new generation at the top formed by Silvia and Massimo Gallotti, Marco and Pierangelo Radice.


Zeiss Mirror, curvilinear and ultralight mirrors

Essential, clean and decorative at the same time. The Zeiss Mirrors designed by the designer Luca Nichetto for Gallotti & Radice are a system of wall mirrors with a wooden structure. Curvilinear and organic in the line, the elements of the series, which includes three versions that differ in shape and size, are made with extralight mirror panels ground and beveled by hand, laid on frames with a thickness of 5 cm, available in white lacquer or treated with a fabric effect in chestnut, sand and hemp colors.


Pandora, the refined sideboard covered in gold leaf

Elegant and refined, Pandora is a sideboard produced in a refined edition. From the pencil of Pinuccio Borgonovo design this refined furniture was born down to the smallest detail. Made of tempered glass covered in gold leaf applied with manual and exclusive processing, which gives a particular color to the storage unit: on the outside it has a burnished and uneven tone, while inside it maintains the brilliant golden finish that makes it look like a precious chest. Exclusive and timeless, it is available in two sizes and in two heights.


Bolle, minimal glass lamps that play with reflections and light

The charm of glass, transparency, colors, reflections and shapes, are expressed to the umpteenth power in the Bolle collection, created for Gallotti & Radice by Massimo Castagna, which includes pendant, floor, table and wall lamps. These are mouth-blown transparent crystal spheres that contain dimmable and modular LED sources, arranged in a free and suggestive way. Furthermore, they all have characteristics in common. First of all, the minimal aesthetics, the rectangular structures in hand-burnished brass and the fact that the spheres seem to almost float in mid-air.


Avant-garde shape and maximum attention to comfort for the Audrey curved sofa

The curved line that draws the Audrey sofa, the work of designer Massimo Castagna, is inspired by an avant-garde design, which projects itself into the future with unique shapes, while maintaining attention to comfort and quality tradition. The curved seat is slender on the sides and wrapped in soft velvet, and the backrest that embraces it, leaving the end part free, make it a contemporary interpretation of the elegant curved sofas of the 1950s.

Audrey is made of non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities and polyester fiber with internal wooden structure matching the feet in black lacquer. Its rounded shape makes it elegant and its formal beauty together with the perfect proportions of the lines, enhances its class and beauty. Perfect for any furnishing style, thanks to the multiple possibilities of upholstery - leather, fabric and geometric patterns - it has its strong point in customization.


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