Contemporary Interior Design

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Elegance and timeless design

Gallotti&Radice have been working on crystal since the fifties, producing artisan furniture elements of unique style and rigorously made in Italy.

The continuous reasearch in processing techniques has led to the automated production supported by a craftsmanship to allow the creation of tailoring products; their only goal is to produce according to the individual needs of the customer. The quality of the details is synonymous with Made in Italy, where production begins and then spreads around the world.

Custom made products for office and house space, G&R promote elegance and timeless design as we can see by the office collection Air Desk, designed by Pinuccio Borgonuovo, the most sold in Italy and abroad yet today.

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contemporary design furniture by Gallotti&Radice Studio
contemporary design furniture by Massimo Castagna for Gallotti&Radice
contemporary design furniture by Oscar e Gabriele Buratti for Gallotti&Radice