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contemporary design with a evocative and ironic style

Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, founders of Studio Job, have studied at the prestigious Eindhoven Dutch Academy and this explains already much of their success.
From 2000 Studio Job has been conquering the international market thanks to their evocative and ironic style, immediately recognizable. 


Despite a natural tendency towards the world of art and collectibles,


Studio Job successfully works with companies like Moooi,


drawing collections that for style and quality meet the taste of different generations, those generally linked to parents and children.


Among the products designed by Studio Job for Moooi:


  • Paper Cupboard Patchwork, a new piece from Paper Collection that highlights and celebrates classical furniture shapes combined with unusual colors;


  • Altdeutsche Chest, which evokes a world of mystery told through the symbols chosen by the designers and open to free interpretation, according to Moooi aesthetics.
contemporary design by Studio Job for Moooi
contemporary design furniture by Studio Job for Moooi
contemporary furniture by Studio Job for Moooi

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