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Unique and iconic products

Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Wissers, Moooi winks at the ultimate trends creating a fashionable approach that mixes traditional style and colorful innovation which has made their success.

The playful way in which antiques is combined with a fresh and modern style leads to the production of unique and often iconic products. With this style Moooi decorates every room in the house thanks to its wide collection of lights, furniture and accessories, transforming any space into a unique one.

Among the numerous collaborations, we mention the one with Marcel Wanders who signed the dining Table Zio, a perfect way to join the family around the warmth of a beautiful house with the right piece of furniture. 

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contemporary furniture by Marcel Wanders for Moooi
light floor by Bertjan Pot for Moooi
contemporary style by Marcel Wanders per Moooi