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B&B sofas, solutions for relaxation

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B&B sofas

The collections of B&B Italia sofas

With its various collections of sofas, B&B Italia offers solutions for the entire home environment based on the concept of compositional flexibility thanks to the modularity of the elements and the possibility of maximum customization that reflects the character and aspirations of those who live in the home. The new lifestyles, the contemporaneity are all suggestions that fit into the design of B&B Italia sofas, finding the space for dialogue with those products that are classics and real design icons.

The common denominator of all the B&B Italia sofa collections is the research and use of the highest quality materials with the aim of embellishing the proposed solutions. Fabrics, leathers but also structures and frames of the sofas are calibrated to achieve results of the highest quality and lasting over time. Whether for the living room, for the outdoors or for the Contract Division, B&B Italia manages to differentiate itself without derogating from quality, making it the most suitable choice for different situations.

Among the sofa collections, three stand out: B&B Italia, B&B Italia Project for public spaces and B&B Outdoor which rewrites the history of the outdoor spaces of a home.


B&B Italia, inspiration, innovation and quality for collections with an unmistakable style

A highly personalized design with an avant-garde design capable of capturing all the nuances and tastes of the contemporary to give life to an unmistakable style in which the aesthetic and formal aspects come together to generate harmony. Harmony in the sofas and in the environment. Islands, chaise longues, two or three-seater sofas, single elements that vary their placement in the space: B&B Italia is inspired to create collections capable of responding both to the different needs of customers and to changes, without ever losing their traits. peculiar and unmistakable. As unmistakable are the pixels of Camaleonda or the play of lines by Antonio Citterio.

Some sofas from the B&B Italia collections have become true design icons capable of withstanding time, changing fashions, lifestyles and the space available in homes. A resistance to time that is due to a visionary design but also to the use of top quality materials capable of lasting, thanks to their characteristics, much more than a season.


B&B Italia Project, dedicated luxury furnishings for public spaces 

Not just furnishing solutions for the living room. B&B Italia is also a point of reference for luxury furniture dedicated to public spaces thanks to the knowledge and collaboration with companies in the construction sector and prestigious architecture firms. Prolonged use, but also luxury, refinement and a minimal touch: the furnishings and sofas of the Contract Division must respond to all these requests to declare themselves successful products. And B&B Italia Project is the most suitable answer: luxury projects to furnish offices, hotels, restaurants, museums. Combining exclusivity with continued use is not an easy mission but one that B&B Italia has been able to accomplish by giving rhythm and structure to a uniformity that risks anonymity by approaching these projects for the community with the suggestions of design giving personality, ergonomics, research and functionality to each product.


B&B Italia Outdoor, quality materials in exclusive home gardens

Outdoor design sofas have now become indispensable in any home with outdoor space. The home garden has become a real room added to the outside of the house to be furnished, being able to experiment with innovative and exclusive solutions. With this in mind, the design outdoor sofa becomes an indispensable must have. And B&B Italia with its Outdoor collection is the most suitable answer to these new needs, following two fundamental intuitions: the shapes and the high quality of the materials, which are durable and resistant to the wear and tear of atmospheric agents. Outdoor by B&B Italia offers sofas with a structure and L with comfortable chaise-longues with a dual function: you can lie down comfortably in total relaxation while keeping one part of the body in the shade while the other is heated by the warmth of the sun; but it can also be used to accommodate more people sitting while sipping a drink in the garden at sunset. The circular sofas, on the other hand, in their decision of shapes can welcome and propitiate a moment of rest outdoors but also more seated friends. It is a functional design for different situations.

The choice of materials is substantial in the design and construction of the sofa: from the practicality of aluminum, to the macro weaves in polyethylene for a more decorative effect, to wood, the main, classic and natural material for perfect tuning and harmony with outdoor spaces and synonymous with classic elegance as, for example, in the Gio collection in teak.

A few tricks for the maintenance of outdoor sofas: remove the cushions in the evening and generally when not in use and store it in a closed environment during the bad season to protect the structure and coverings from the elements.

To then make the most of it at the right time.



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