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Sales: Arflex Outlet and many more!


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Do you want to add more design furniture to your home? Have a look at our Arflex, Porro and Ivano Redaelli Outlet products and renew your spaces!



If you are looking for something that can give your living room a new atmosphere,  what you need are the products of the brand Arflex, the historic company founded in Milan in 1947. The refined lines, together with the attention to detail are the main characteristic of these armchairs and sofas with a unique design. Which one do you prefer among the Arcolor, Ben Ben, Faubourg and Strips sofas or the Cradle, Hall and Jim armchairs? Choose the one that suits you: you can find them all in Dome Milano with exclusive Arflex Outlet prices.


If you are looking for furniture for your bedroom, among the exclusive products on offer there is the Jill bed by Ivano Redaelli. Squared lines and precious materials that will surely give character to your room, all this at Ivano Redaelli Outlet price.


Finally, among the offers you can not miss, we have the brand Porro, elegant and refined solutions that stand out immediately for their clean and essential lines. Inside Dome Milano you can find Mast Boutique at a Porro Outlet price, a modular wardrobe inspired by the mast of a boat, with vertical metal elements and horizontal wooden shelves. Or if you are looking for something with a light look but with a great personality, Mikado by Porro is the right piece of furniture: a container in ash wood with an exotic and oriental appeal.


To discover more about these products and their outlet prices, come to Dome Milano Interior’s showroom: our team will be happy to advice you and will help you choose the design furniture that suit your style the best.




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sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_sofa_ben ben_curve_white
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_faubourg_white_sofa
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_strips_sofa_white_fabric
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_armchair_cradle_beige
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_armchair_hall_pink
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_armchair_jim_blue
sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_bed_jill_fabric_leather
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sales_dome_arflex_outlet_porro_ivano redaelli_container_mikado_wood

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