Ivano Redaelli
Contemporary Bed Design Collection

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Comfort and well-being in everyday life

Ivano Redaelli produces house’s textile accessories for night and day spaces.

His collection made in cashmere, wool and linen, gives comfort and well-being in everyday life. Tenuous colors and precious materials for an experience of total relax.

Born in a small town near Como the audacity of its founder and the heirs then led its to become a luxury brand in the international benchmark. 
Qualities of matter and Italian craftsmanship are fused to create a collections of unique elegance able to exalt the senses in everyday life.

Its products lead into the world the excellence of Made in Italy.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

linen duvet covers and sheets by Ivano Redaelli
contemporary design furniture by Ivano Redaelli
fine fabrics contemporary furniture by Ivano Redaelli