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Arflex in Milano: where to go and why

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Is it time to change your sofa? Have a relaxing afternoon and select the best Arflex sofa for your spaces: Strips, Ben Ben, Arcolor and many others are waiting for you in our showrooms.



The Arflex sofa collection is a series of design pieces with refined taste and certified comfort.

As they say: try it to believe it! In the Dome Milano Interior showroom of Sag80 Group you can find all the best of Arflex in Milano, displayed in a large space dedicated exclusively to the very best of interior design.

What better opportunity to have a relaxing afternoon while shopping for your Arflex sofa, trying all of the options available for you and choosing based on the one that fits your comfort demands the most.

You can touch not only the models and their padding, but also the various samples of fabrics or leathers available for you to personalize your new piece of furniture.

Between a cup of coffee, the choice of models, the study of the various colors and sizes, the Dome showroom becomes a place to live and breathe interior design and where to choose your products from a brand as renowned as Arflex in Milano!

Here are some of the models immediately available to you in our Arflex Milano space: let us know what you think!

Arflex Sofa Arcolor

The Arcolor sofa, designed in 2017 by Jaime Hayon, is one of the latest additions to the Arflex sofa collection.

Its construction is based on an arched form, a classic geometry that recalls some of the largest architectural constructions, like the Roman aqueduct.

A strong coherence and rhythmic repetition characterize this product, which is perfect for furnishing both public and private spaces.

Arflex Sofa Strips

The Strips sofa is a great classic in the Arflex collection, designed in 1968 by architect Cini Boeri. The Strips sofa is a timeless classic, a true design evergreen, displayed as a work of art all over the world.

Characterized by a modularity that allows endless combinations, the Strips sofa can be presented in numerous shapes: from the linear sofa, to a corner sofa or a sofa-bed.

Arflex Sofa Ben Ben

The Ben Ben sofa, also designed by Boeri in 2009, is a classic and reassuring sofa, also available in a curved version.

With this product, the architect Boeri wanted to create a relaxing sofa, designed for the best moments of relaxation, and so she has declared "I can assure that by adapting the soft pillow behind the back, while sitting, you can fall asleep".

And if the designer says so ...

Arflex Sofa Faubourg

Moving towards a more classicist road, we find the Faubourg sofa: an elegant and composed sofa, suitable both for sophisticated living rooms and for informal environments.

Designed in 2008 by Carlo Colombo, the Faubourg sofa is presented as an easy chic piece, with a deep seat and soft cushions in which you could sink and relax.

Arflex Sofa Hug Love Seat

Changing completely of style, we have the seat of the Hug Love Seat sofa.

"Arflex has had the audacity and foresight, over the years, to work with some of the biggest and most awarded architects and designers. Some icons are still present in the Arflex collection. The HUG armchair is our answer for a new iconic design, tailor-made for Arflex “. These are the words of the Swedish designer Claesson Koivisto Rune, who presented the first element of the Hug collection at the Salone del Mobile in 2013.

The Hug Love Seat sofa was designed in 2014 as a comfortable and relaxing place. The contained measures of the product make of the room a zone of comfortable relaxation, which invites you to sit, relax and cuddle.

Come and visit us in our showroom in Milan

You can find these and many other products from the Arflex catalog in Milan at our sales points! Do not miss the opportunity to come and try them all, we are waiting for you!



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