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An interview with Sag'80 founder

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To find out the amazing world of this company, we asked some questions to the person who best represents the philosophy of SAG’80: its Founder Member, Mr. Roberto Pellegatta, who, together with his wife, started this adventure more than thirty years ago.


They cultivated their dream day by day with dedication and enthusiasm to bring the Italian design at a superior level.  The familiar enterprise began moving their steps in the county of Brianza and landed afterwards in the big City of Milan, to carry out what today is a solid certification of success, also on the web now.  


  • Sag 80 is now synonymous with quality and service in the design world, when did this

project start?

Actually it started in 1980; we chose one of the most prestigious areas of Milan to create a space
totally dedicated to design. We decided to immediately focus on leading companies in
furniture industry such as B&BItalia, Cassina, Flos, Bonacina, Molteni, Kartell, Zanotti, etc.
During that period of time, the word Export was still unknown to the most, in fact we used to trade basically on the Milanese market. Allow me to tell, with a little bit of presumption, that we certainly have contributed to develop the sales network of this field beyond its territorial boundaries. 

Sag'80 Group has always been a well-known reference point for the city of Milan; for several reasons including the proposals of winning articles, quality of service and reliability
of our Company.

  • What were the initial premises of the company and how they have evolved in growing in the market over  the last years?

We have always put the customer’s needs before all. This is a must that has evolved
in accordance to the changing of the customer’s taste over the years.
Besides, we are always focused on heading towards the market

  • In your opinion, which are the factors that played a key role in

maintaining the cornerstones of this company?

A key element is to have lived up to our initial philosophy. Besides, we keep on dealing with top quality brands, stay always updated on the new global trends and take care of every step of production from the factory process until the final delivery.


  • The industry has deeply changed in recent years. As a leading player, how do you perceive this mutation and how do you think it will evolve in the future? 

The market of design, fashion and cars is now globalized, that’s for sure;
Nevertheless, the international buyers consider the Italian Companies as the best from all points of view so we must commit to maintain this high profile in order to meet the demand of everybody. 

Roberto Pellegatta Interview Interior Living Room
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Roberto Pellegatta Interview Interior Design
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