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The Proust armchair of Cappellini

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Proust armchair Mendini Cappellini interior design living room

Proust is the multicolor armchair in the common imagine, a symbol of postmodern design, it is impossible not to recognize the aesthetic that is so vivid.



Alessando Mendini's design icon, the Proust armchair is a classic in museums and homes. Colors, shape and materials are all synonymous with uniqueness, which makes it recognizable and always present.


The history of the Proust armchair has a contemporary design fairytale began in 1976 when Mendini is dedicated to the idea of working to "Proust fabric" inspired by impressionism, pointillism and the literary and pictorial suggestions of the French poet. This idea will never blossom in the production of a fabric but on the multicolor armchair that everyone knows.


The first Proust armchair was made in 1978 and in the following years about fifteen were made, all were handmade and under the supervision of Mendini. 


Over the years the Milanese designer engaged in post-modern and contemporary design has designed several variations of Proust, some made with totally different materials such as ceramics and bronze.


Currently and since 1994 the Proust armchair is part of the catalog Cappellini, produced in carved wood and painted by hand and with a fabric coating in multicolor coordinated to the decorum of the structure.
That of Cappellini is a new edition with a long story to tell that involves twists and excellent names such as Alessandro Mendini.



Proust armchair Mendini Cappellini interior design living room
Proust armchair Mendini Cappellini interior design bedroom
multicolor armchair Proust Mendini Cappellini
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