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Cappellini Milano: rich, assorted and innovative collections


Over the many years of business, craftsmanship and experimentation are the factors that have allowed Cappellini furniture to become internationally esteemed.


Capellini’s ability to produce lively and fresh designs has turned the company into an icon within the industry.


The Cappellini collections have been numerous, varied and innovative, capable each time of reinterpreting the meaning of modern living.


The company has collaborated many times with important design names, reflecting in each project Cappellini Milano’s characterising high quality. This is exemplified in the multicoloured energy of Mendini’s Proust armchair, and the amalgamation of innovation and tradition in the Screen System by Gamfratesi. These are just some of the examples that show the impact of Cappellini Milano on the design scene.


Come and discover these and many other designs on the Sag80 Group website.


Cappellini furniture: an artistic creation

Cappellini furniture is an Italian company established in Carugo, Lombardy, in 1946. Founder of the brand was Enrico Cappellini who, working alongside his brother Giulio Cappellini, was immediately able to involve some of the most innovative and creative designers of that time. Amongst the creators of Cappellini furniture pieces, in fact, we can locate names such as Alessandro Mendini, Jasper Morrison and Joe Colombo. Cappellini Design has never produced ordinary pieces: the shape of each object is researched and authentic, and compatible with every kind of environment, be it private or public. The Cappellini company, that started as an artisanal company, preserves today the knowledge of whole generations of master artisans. Artisans patiently manufacture each product, ensuring maximum quality and conferring elegance, simplicity, personality and charisma to the Cappellini Milano collections.


Proof of the quality of their designs is the fact that many Cappellini furniture creations are found today in the most important contemporary art and design museums of the world: from the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, to the MoMA in New York, to the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The Cappellini brand has always had a close relationship with contemporary art, that has served as a direct inspiration for the creation of many of their pieces.


A primary example of this influence is Homage to Mondrian, a cabinet designed in 2009 by Shiro Kuramata that reproduces the geometric works of Piet Mondrian. The primary colours - white, black, red, yellow and blue - stand out just like in the artist’s paintings. The cabinet comes in different sizes and is mounted on rubber tyres that allow easy mobility.


The design of Cappellini sofas and armchairs

The artisanal quality of Cappellini sofas is identifiable in each of their products, particularly in their renowned sofas and armchairs.


An iconic piece of the Cappellini collection is the Proust armchair, designed by the Milanese designer Alessandro Mendini in 1978. This strong-featured armchair is still manufactured today by Cappellini, always following the same process of production: a carved wooden structure is painted and then upholstered with a multicoloured fabric. The fabric pattern emulates the decoration of the wood, that comes in two variants: yellow, light blue and grey or green, black and red.


The originality of each Cappellini sofa is found in their innovative details. This can be seen, for example, in the original shape of the Adaptation sofa, designed in 2016 by Fabio Novembre. The Adaptation series, that includes both a sofa and an armchair, looks like it is collapsing, a visual deception given by the different height of the feet and the sinking illusion of the back support on the right-hand side. Despite this optical image, however, the seating area is perfectly parallel to floor, guaranteeing comfort and stability.


Cappellini Design, all the biggest names

Throughout their history, Cappellini design has collaborated with some of the most famous designers and architects in the world. Some Italian collaborators to be noted are: Alessandro Mendini, Carlo Colombo, Paola Navone and Piero Lissoni.


Amid the international designers who have created furniture for Cappellini Design we find: Jasper Morrison, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders and Ronan Bouroullec.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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