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Spaghetti, always trendy chair of Alias

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spaghetti chair black armrests alias design

The Spaghetti Chair, designed by Giandomenico Belotti and produced by Alias Design, is still a relevant symbol of lightness and innovation.



The characteristic texture of the back makes the Alias Spaghetti chair recognizable and its sober aesthetics allows this model to be used in different contexts.


Designed in 1980, it was Alias Design's first product to become part of the permanent MoMA collection in New York, one of the most iconic symbols in the history of the design.
Designed by Giandomenico Belotti, an Italian architect and designer, who after graduating from the University of Venice, has dedicated himself to research, restoration, urban planning and industrial design, with a unique symbol in his portfolio as the Alias Spaghetti chair.


The structure of the Spaghetti Chair is made of chromed steel, but it is the use of the pvc bench for the back and seat to make it unique with a texture that tells the story of an Italian success that has become international.


The first models of the Spaghetti Chair produced by Alias Design furniture have/had the same pvc structure and tone of colors, but now the collection has been expanded with new colors and patterns always with the same ability to interpret the contemporary taste.


Today the Spaghetti chair is available in different types, with or without armrests or stackable, and in a wide range of colors to be able to adapt to different environments easily.
We find it in trendy places also as in homes, for its timeless style, practical and stylish, the eighties to the present day is a choice without time and space limitations.




spaghetti chair black alias design furniture lunch table
spaghetti chair alias design grey new colors
spaghetti chair black armrests alias design
spaghetti chair rod white pvc transparent detail chair
spaghetti chair alias design new colors white beige grey
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