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Vitra Christmas Gifts for Architects

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Vitra Accessories: Iconic Design Objects for some Gift ideas for your Designer Home



Vitra for Christmas gifts for architects

Do you share you life moments with an Architect or Designer? Christmas is here and time to start thinking about what to gift your loved ones. You may even want to take this opportunity to gift yourself something as well. 

When choosing a Christmas gift, it is always nice to opt for an original idea for the home. We suggest looking at the best of Italian design and other quality products from the most famous designer brands.

We have prepared a new showcase of Christmas gifts for architects for the most anticipated event of the year that includes some of Vitra’s most iconic design objects.

So for this year, consider choosing products from Vitra, a brand that guarantees quality. The catalog includes proposals from the most famous designers of the moment, as well as iconic products from the masters of 20th-century design such as Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton, and George Nelson.


Vitra Accessories:  Gift ideas for a designer home

If you are considering a home accessory as a perfect gift idea, one that is suitable for all ages is the Desk Clocks alarm clock. It is similar to the Night Clock in total black, designed in 1947 by Nelson, an American designer who created pieces that made design history.

In the field of furnishing accessories, Resting Animals is among the most recent Vitra collections. It is the culmination of a research project by Studio Front that focused on the close connection between human beings and figurative objects. The designer duo asked randomly-chosen people to identify the most emotionally significant and valuable objects in their lives. Most of the answers concerned animal figures that those surveyed perceived as having personalities with very specific attributes or a shared history.

An example is Resting Cat, which reproduces the image of a crouched cat in ceramic form, a pose that communicates tranquility and calm. A gift with inherent meaning, perfect for complementing the furnishings of the living room or bedroom.

Pillows are also a top gift idea for a designer home. The new Herringbone Pillows presented by the Raw-Edges studio, for example, are among Vitra's recent releases this year. The fabric's graphic design is the result of a research project conducted by the designers who were interested in the concept of immersion dyeing. This collection was born in 2018 when Raw-Edges was commissioned to furnish a whole floor of the VitraHaus on the Vitra Campus. For this project, they developed an entire series of small iconic design objects, including this collection of 100% cotton cushions with goose down padding and subtle, unsaturated colors. 


Vitra lamps: Christmas gifts for architects

Our Vitra showcase can guide your choice of Christmas gifts for architects and offer the inspiration you need for that very special gift, a gift that won’t pass unnoticed. 

In addition to Vitra accessories, among the most desired iconic design objects are lamps. We focused our attention on cult pieces like Petite Potence designed by Jean Prouvé in the 1940s. This revolving wall lamp is offered in two versions, the large Potence one (displayed at Sag80 in Via Boccaccio, 4), and Petite Potence (displayed at Dome Milano in Via San Marco, 1). The Petite Potence is of a smaller size, but nevertheless maintains the elegant proportions and sophisticated retro style of the large model. 

One gift idea for a designer home to add to your list of Christmas gifts for architects are the Akari lamps by Isamu Noguchi, among Vitra's most classic lighting creations.

In our display at Dome Milano Interior, we have included 3 Akari hanging lamps, but the collection is vast and also includes table and floor models.

The Akari lamps are sculptural lamps, designed in the 1950s by Noguchi who made them by hand with washi paper, creating over 100 different models. Today, these lamps are still handmade in the Ozeki laboratory in Japan.


Vitra Furniture design objects to gift this Christmas

In our in-store Christmas display, we have chosen to include another product by Isamu Noguchi. A beautiful gift for an important person to give this Christmas 2019. We are talking about the famous Coffee Table designed by Noguchi in 1944. This sculptural table is a timeless designer piece that can fit in with any style of living area.

If, on the other hand, you prefer design objects with a more minimalist style, here is another coffee table proposal from the Vitra catalogs.

The Plate Table is a project by Jasper Morrison, distinct for its simple and utilitarian appearance. The table is available in both the square and rectangular top version.

If you are drawn towards giving gifts for the home, this classic-shaped table with balanced proportions would be a perfect option. 


Vitra Accessories: design classics from Jean Prouvé

Christmas is an opportunity to give great gifts to those we love, but it also offers us the opportunity to give ourselves something special for our home or home office.

In this regard, the Compas Direction from Vitra could be one of the most interesting gift ideas for a designer home.

It is an elegant desk characterized by thin legs arranged diagonally, reminiscent of the hinged hands of a compass from which the French word 'le compas' derives.

To complete the home office, Vitra proposes the Fauteuil Direction. This small armchair, designed to fit with a table or desk, is equipped with comfortable armrests with a cushioned seat and back. This chair could also make a good addition to Santa's list of Christmas gifts for architects.


Vitra promotions for Christmas gifts for architects

When it comes to Vitra furniture, one of the most popular products is the Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames. This armchair with footrest, designed in 1965, has survived through changing eras and styles and remains with few other products a must of the 20th-century design.

Starting from 1.11.2019 until 31.1.2020 at Dome Milano Interior, when you purchase an Eames Lounge Chair you can receive the superior wood model.

On sale alongside Vitra products, you can also find the Repos armchair and the Grand Repos by Antonio Citterio, different in size but with the same incomparable comfort. These elegant armchairs with a swivel base and adjustable backrest have been designed to offer maximum relaxation. With the Vitra promotion, by purchasing a Repos or a Grand Repos, you can receive the superior fabric or leather model (excluding Natural leather).  This is surely one of the most exciting gift ideas for a designer home, your designer home.

Finally, among the other ongoing Vitra promotions from Dome Milano Interior, you can also find the Eames Shell chairs from Vitra. This is another design classic that made history.

By purchasing 6 Eames Shell chairs in Fiberglass or Plastic, you will receive a free unpadded LAR chair in your preferred color.



To find your Christmas gifts for architects and to take advantage of Vitra promotions, come and visit our new Christmas showcase. We look forward to seeing you in Via San Marco, 1 at Dome Milano Interior.

Promotions last until January 31st, 2020!



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