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Varenna kitchen, created for our senses

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Work station of a Varenna kitchen with a wooden table and surface in grey stone.

Varenna Poliform surprises us with modern kitchens that adapt to the contemporary lifestyle




The Varenna kitchens are representatives of contemporary design, a design relevant to our eyes and to our touch. Varenna transforms the experience of cooking in a sensorial experience.

From the beginning of their production Varenna - bought in 1996 by the brand Poliform, thus expanding its product offer into every home area -  has managed to create endless emotions, designing unique and innovative solutions for the contemporary lifestyle.

Right away, the brand distinguish itself for a wide innovation of their proposals and for the high quality of the materials used. Varenna has in fact the objective of designing contemporary kitchens by excellence, providing state-of-the-art high tech solutions with characterizing details. This is complemented by its wide compositional versatility, in which materials and finishes become the protagonist of the kitchen space.

Varenna Poliform is a company that over the years has managed to show the great quality of their work, thanks to elegant and meticulously elaborated products.

Varenna produces kitchens that with an aesthetically impeccable design put together a unique sense of functionality with a long lifespan. These elements have made Varenna a producer of high-end kitchens, ideal for those looking for the best.


In the last designs Varenna plays with the kitchen materials, offering several possibilities of using them. Aside from considering the quality and the aesthetic effect, Varenna Poliform also studies the tactile sensations of the materials that they use for the kitchens; designing in this way not only the spaces but also the sensations of our kitchen areas. The used materials are quite diverse, starting from the traditional tonality of wood and its warm essence, then to steel treated with a satin effect and finishes with the glossy and opaque corian. Then there are the laser edge laminates, the glass in its various finishes and the elegant veins of the most precious marbles.


Among the latest news we find the touch laminate, obtained with the help of nanotechnology and characterized by a surface treated with a thermoplastic resin. It’s presented as a material that is soft to touch and resistant to heat, bumps and scratches.  

This way Varenna Poliform unites the innovative results of their latest researches with an elegant design. The Varenna Poliform kitchen transforms itself into a place of senses: smell and taste, typical of the food-dedicated area, are closely united to sight and touch in a unicum of sensations that involve delicately the user.

One of the latest creations of Varenna Poliform is the Phoenix kitchen, winner of the A+Awards 2015 in the category “Product Kitchen Cabinetry”. Phoenix is a kitchen of impeccable aesthetic: every composing element is inspired in the purest geometry and of the maximum essentiality. Simplicity and strictness characterize this kitchen destined to become a cult of contemporary design. Innovative solutions like the freestanding island, the snak surface and the total customization of any surface or door, make it the perfect solution for one to build the kitchen of their dreams.

Both the finishings and the facade are available in different materials: Corian, steel, wood and lacquer. Among the wooden choices they have: oak, walnut and elm. Varenna Poliform gives a great importance to the tactile sensations that these different choices create in the kitchen. Aside from the colors -  which can go from gray tinted to ash - every kind of wood presents a consistency and a proper tactile sensation, which variate on the softness and heat retention.

The materials are the protagonists also in the Artex kitchen, designed in 2011 and characterized by wide surfaces reduced to the essential. Slimness and resistance characterize the geometry of this elegant and refined design kitchen.


Varenna Poliform presents state-of-the-art solutions, capable of intercept the requests of the most demanding markets. Proof of this is their participation in the second edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano-Shanghai (23rd-25th of November 2017).  This important event, dedicated to the best of the Made in Italy design, could only recognize the importance and quality of a brand like Varenna Poliform, which has been over the decades, a point of reference in the production of high quality kitchens.

Sink of the Artex kitchen and shelves in grey steel on top.
Sink and working surface of the Artex kitchen and shelves in grey steel on top.
Kitchen and island with a wooden table and lacquered furniture in grey
View of an Artex kitchen with a marble table
View of a Phoenix kitchen, table and chair in light wood and work station in steel and wood.
Picture of the oven of the Phoenix kitchen placed on a white wall.
Table and chair of the Phoenix kitchen with a transparent chandelier above it.
Working surface of the Phoenix kitchen in white.
Working surface of the Phoenix kitchen in white.
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