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UniFor:flexibility and comfort in office

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UniFor, the custom-made design for offices


Flexibility, comfort, safety and environmental quality, understood as physical and mental well-being, together with the consistent and non-invasive use of technology, are the dominant characteristics of the design research of UniFor, Italian excellence in the field of office design, part of Molteni Group, which places the person and the work environment in which it operates at the center of the study.

A company that was founded in 1969 after Angelo Molteni took over the Casaluci Rovellasca company and which, in 1974, purchased its current name under the guidance of Piero Molteni, Angelo's second son. His is a specific business, which carries the artisan tradition of Brianza, born from the close relationship between industry and author, towards a global direction, of organic and coordinated preparation of public and private spaces with their own identity.

Since its origins UniFor has presented itself as a factory-laboratory available to the best creative talents. Its activity is characterized by the specialization in large projects, its international business and the close relationship of collaboration with the most prestigious architectural firms. All this makes the company's proposals innovative on a formal and technological level as well as the ability to respond to the complexity of contemporary workspaces with a wide range of furniture and partition systems aimed at refined simplification.

Thanks to these peculiarities of UniFor, since 1975, the year in which IBM America orders 1300 Modulo3 desks for the offices of the headquarters in Mount Pleasant, in New York, furnishes and designs the spaces of prestigious environments such as: the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris , designed by Jean Nouvel, the Renzo Piano Building Workshop for the New York Times headquarters, the Paris offices of Louis Vuitton International, the furnishings of the Milanese headquarters of Hearst Magazines, the Philarmonie de Paris designed by Jean Nouvel, the new Parliament of Malta, the new headquarters of the Balenciaga maison in the Hôpital Laennec in Paris, the Qatar National Library in Doha, and the Oodi, the Central Library in Helsinki.


Satellites, revolutionary and avant-garde desks

It was 1986 when UniFor developed Satellites s180, a precursor product of advanced operating systems, with height-adjustable swivel worktops, designed to accommodate computers and electronic equipment.

Over the years the s50 and s1000 models will then be proposed up to the s200 model in 2018. A workstation made up of single and multiple workstations designed for constantly evolving spaces, where differentiated working methods coexist. The rectangular top, available in various sizes, can be fixed or adjustable in height, manually or electrically. The great flexibility of the construction system allows configurations to be changed at any time, adapting them to functional needs: single desks can become multiple and vice versa, and fixed-height workstations can be transformed, by integrating electrical adjustment devices, with variable height.


Touch Down Unit, the workstation designed for hybrid spaces

Simple and compact shape for the Touch Down Unit, the system originally created for advanced work environments. It is an autonomous mobile workstation that provides different finishes and equipment that allow it to fit into any professional, domestic context and in all scenarios of nomadic life such as airports, hotels and large public areas. Characterized by an essential and contemporary design, it is presented as a rectangular worktop superimposed on a closed volume which, when used, opens articulating itself into two containers equipped with different complementary elements and support for the workstation. The worktop, thanks to the vertical adjustment and horizontal translation device, makes it ergonomic and comfortable to use in any position, whether sitting or standing. Also available in an electrified version, with an electrical socket and USB ports for charging electronic devices.


Secretello, where past and contemporaneity coexist

Secretello, which bears the signature of Michele De Lucchi, reinterprets the theme of the writing desk associated with that of the display in a contemporary key. The designer thus suggests an original interpretation of the contemporary office space. Designed for use also extended to home and study environments, this workstation is characterized by elegant construction solutions and fine finishes. The desk consists of a solid structure in natural oak which, in the transparent parts, integrates a glass plate. It is a refined industrial design project that defines a space that is both personal and public, in which to keep tools and work objects, documents, books but also memories.


Less Less Color, the elegance of the contemporary office

"Reintroducing colour, particularly into the office, is about enabling variety, relaxation, the appropriation of spaces, individuality and wellbeing. In other words, it’s more fun."

Word of the architect Jean Nouvel who designed Less Less Color, this elegant and sophisticated vision of the contemporary office, in which the various elements of the series are combined with great compositional freedom even in terms of color.

Thanks to its formal cleanliness and freshness, it is the ideal solution for executive environments, where sobriety, elegance and creative freedom are key components of the workspace. There are 8 colors that are added to the traditional Less Less range. The tables, available in different sizes, square, rectangular or L-shaped, are qualified by the exclusive worktop, which integrates the Forbo linoleum insert in the surface made in the same color as the aluminum structure.

To complete it all, there is the cable management door, the leg prepared for cable climbing and the basket for the collection of cables, which help to conceal a technology that is always present and never exhibited.


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