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Tulip Table: a timeless product

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Saarinen’s Tulip Table keeps surprising design lovers everywhere. Simple and impeccable lines make of the Tulip Table an iconic product.



The Tulip table is a product created by Eero Saarinen for the brand KnollSaarinen’s Tulip table evokes, already from its name, spring and floral images. And just as a flower supported by the stem, in the Tulip table we have only one central leg that supports the surface, which is circular and thin.


The Tulip table was created in 1957 and to this day it still expresses such an extraordinary modernity that many copies are continuously produced.


There are a lot of variants for the Tulip table: height, diameter of the top, shape and material.


As for height and diameter, the Tulip table can be used either as a dining table for four or five people, or as a side table, in the living room or in the bedroom. The shape instead can be oval or round, both with the possibility of having various diameters and heights.


Even the materials of the Tulip table can be selected in order to find the one that best matches your home.


The base is made of a plastic element in either black or white, while the table top has different materials available. The Tulip table can be featured in white laminate, in white glass, with 11 different types of marble - which go from white to black, all the way to brown - and in three different types of wood.


The incredible adaptability of the Tulip table makes it a perfect piece of furniture for many areas of the home and for different styles: from classic to contemporary the simple and distinguished elegance of Tulip table adapts to any color or pattern.


The table can be combined with the chairs of the Tulip collection that reflect the structure of the table, reproducing it on a soft seat with an enveloping back.


We can say that with the Eero Saarinen Tulip Collection, the Finnish designer has solved the "ugly, confusing and restless world" that he believed was present under tables and chairs.


The collection is a definitive complement of modern design that has been reflected and appreciated internationally since the 1950s, creating an infinite number of copies and imitations.


The Tulip table is definitely positioned as a timeless addition to your home, a true design classic with a capital C!



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