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Sag80 has been offering interior design services to private clients and professionals for more than 50 years. You can find the whole Knoll collection at Sag80: discover it with the consulting of our interior designers!

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Knoll Milano: high end furniture for the home and the office


The American brand Knoll is an important and iconic reference point in the field of residential and office furniture production. Knoll, an exemplar of excellence even in Italy, manufactures chairs, tables, sofas, fabrics and a wide range of designer accessories.


Knoll design is always in line with the client’s needs and comprises a versatile production that allows for maximum personalisation. By doing so, Knoll allows you to create unique and and comfortable interior designs. Knoll has existed in Milan since 1956 and, thanks to its international fame, the brand has managed to export its unique style to over 50 countries. Even the MoMa in New York holds over 40 pieces from the Knoll catalogue as part of its permanent collection.


Knoll’s endless number of collaborations with important architects and designers have each has resulted in timeless products. Here are only some of the many acclaimed artists: Franco Albini, Cini Boeri, Gae Aulenti and Frank Gehry.


Amid the iconic Knoll designs, some that stand out are the Pollock armchair, the Bertoia chair and the Saarinen table. These designs can suit environments of different sizes and styles.

Knoll Design: stylish furniture for the office

Knoll design has always understood the concept of the modern workplace. By observing and studying the evolution of the office space, Knoll was capable of creating furniture that would answer the changing needs of this environment. Knoll furnniture has continued to evolve in this manner from one collection to the next. Always keeping in mind the notion of sustainability, Knoll has also endeavoured to research eco-friendly design through collaborations with clients, universities and other industrial associations. This has also been paired with a constant dialogue between the company and experts from the technological, architectural, design, organisational behaviour, psychological and business management fields.


This research resulted in the Knoll chair and Knoll armchair collections, whose products allow you to liven up your work environment with unique and elegant designer furniture . Discover Knoll design on the Sag80 website!


The classic pieces from the Knoll chair and Knoll armchair collections

Amid the many precious pieces from the Knoll Chair collection, all available on the Sag80 website, we find the Bertoia Side Chair, one of the most acclaimed designs from the 1950s. The designer of the chair, Harry Bertoia, managed to create a work of art by only using steel, which was an extremely customary material at the time. The artist chose tubular profiles for the base and designed a sturdy metallic net for the seat and back.To make the chair more comfortable a thin, shaped padding can be added to the seat. The versatility of this chair makes it perfect even for outdoor environments, and, in fact, it is also part of the Knoll Outdoor collection.


Another important product from the Knoll chair collection is the Tulip chair, designed by Eero Saarinen. The designer’s ambitious project was to create a chair in the shape of a wine glass with a single stem as a base. The base of the chair is made in die-cast aluminium and the main body in shaped glass fibre. Knoll’s Tulip chair is available with or without armrests and with a fixed or swivel base. The Tulip chair and the Tulip stool are both available on our website.


The famous Barcelona armchair, part of the Knoll armchair collection, was designed for the German pavilion at the 1929 Expo in Barcelona. The armchair was the result of a collaboration between the Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the designer Lilly Reich. Only recently re-discovered, this gem from the Knoll armchair collection is a true icon of modernity, whose look is inspired by the countryside and the design of folding chairs. The main body of Barcelona is made entirely in leather. The supporting structure is made in chrome-plated steel and the suspensions are also in leather. The exclusive design of this Knoll armchair make it perfect for a modern interior.


The Knoll Pollock armchair has a completely different history. Over 50 years ago, Charles Pollock designed the 657 model, an armchair with a minimalist design made with chrome-plated tubular steel and natural leather. The designer then continued his collaboration with Knoll and later designed what would become a bestselling product that was only re-introduced recently: the Pollock Executive office armchair. This armchair, that would become a symbol of the modern workplace, stands out for its simple and timeless design.


Knoll tables: the right design for you

The Knoll table collection is one of the defining features of the entire Knoll furniture collection. The Knoll design catalogue is comprised of an incredible variety of shapes and materials, with products that will bring character to any environment: from offices, to living rooms and private studies. The Knoll table from the Saarinen collection, for example, is a new edition of the “Pedestal” series from 1958, that also includes the famous Tulip chairs. The idea behind the design is the same: to eliminate the uncomfortable and aesthetically ugly usage of a product and give it a new look. The result is a totally new table, characterised by a slender, clean and sculptural silhouette.


Last but not least is the Knoll table Florence. The Florence table can have an oval or round top and is also available in the coffee table version. The Florence coffee table has a slim and elegant shape and a minimalist design.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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