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The poetics of lighting: Davide Groppi

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contemporary design lighting

The lighting industry has a particular fascination for how it manages to change the surrounding space in a magical way. Davide Groppi lighting is among the most innovative in recent years, and thanks to him, design and technological innovation have found a unique style.


Sampei and Nulla, two of the most iconic lamps signed by Davide Groppi, have won the prestigious Compasso D’Oro Award in 2014. They both draw space with a light beam and harmonic proportions.


Materials, colors and above all, an attentive study on lighting are some of the features that distinguish this brand voted to success.


Davide Groppi has found in the city of Milan a fertile ground to export its products all over the world; the Moon lamp was recently re-leased in a new version during the last IMM trade fair in Cologne in 2017.


Every indoor environment needs light and the livability of each environment is precisely determined by a proper light, turning it into a vital cornerstone with which to give life to every room in the house. Davide Groppi lights find the right location in a natural way by donating to our indoors a unique value.





contemporary design lighting by Davide Groppi
design lighting by Davide Groppi
Davide Groppi lighting
Davide Groppi Milano
Davide Groppi lighting
contemporary design lighting by Davide Groppi

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